Muslim Refugee Hails Pope Francis

How both care for the least of these and evangelism is done. [Read more…]

How Evangelical Leaders Whored for Milo Yiannopolous

The repulsive story is here: If Yiannopoulos is a cultural leader for what remains of the conservative movement, then conservatism does not represent millions of people who once claimed it as their philosophical home. But it remains to be seen how the throngs of Trump-supporting Milo fans react to what will undoubtedly be referred to [Read More…]

The Dementia Continues

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Today, Rod Bennett and I chew the fat on at 5 PM EST…

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Yesterday, Scott Eric Alt told the painful and beautiful story… hi

of his conversion: [Read more…]

The Religion of Donald Trump

Garrison Keillor is in fine fettle today. [Read more…]

The Mutation of the Religious Right

It’s curious how American conservative Christianity has such a knack for becoming and doing everything it hates and fears.   “The Religious Right are the people the Religious Right warned you about twenty years ago.” – Russell Moore [Read more…]

Sherry Antonetti on the Mystery…

…of Sweden and the grave super-serious unfake threat of Us. [Read more…]

Rod Bennett, Sherry Antonetti and I…

had a lot of fun talking about the Writing Life yesterday: [Read more…]

Sherry Antonetti’s friends the Branhams…

…had a house fire.  Please help them rebuild. And pray for them! [Read more…]

On the air with Scott Eric Alt…

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So today, Austin Ruse and Janet Smith are wasting everybody’s time…

defending a publicity-seeking perv named Milo over on Facebook (see the Katolicos Politikal Geeks page).  Milo got invited and then disinvited to CPAC because, although it was awesome that he was a creepy champion of the racist Alt Right and a troll who has destroyed people’s lives, it crossed the line that he championed pedophilia. [Read More…]

Message of the Holy Father

on the Occasion of the World Meetings of Popular Movements in Modesto [Read more…]

Total Sci Fi Nightmare Scenario

What could possibly go wrong? “[S]cientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old. . . . The life forms – 40 different strains of microbes and even some viruses – are so weird that their nearest relatives are still 10 percent different genetically . . .” “Though it was presented [Read More…]

Little Boy Born without 98% of His Brain

Can now speak, count, and attend school. It’s not the first time this has happened. A French civil servant lived an entirely normal life–speaking French even–with virtually no brain. Another guy who was missing most of his brain had an IQ of 126. Mike Flynn has a typically interesting take on the question of how [Read More…]

Emergency Prayer Request

A reader writes: Can you please ask your readers to pray for the little sister of my friend. She was hit by a 60 foot tree during the heavy rainstorm this weekend. She’s in critical condition. The doctors are performing emergency surgery. Please please pray. She’s only 13. Father, hear our prayer for her complete [Read More…]

On the Air with Sherry Antonetti at 5 PM Eastern…

on Connecting the Dots, talking about the writing life.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

Bishop Robert McElroy:

Now we all must become disrupters. Or, to quote another well-known agitator: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against [Read More…]

Idag är jag en Svensk

As a nation only just recovering from the horrors of Bowling Green, I reach across the ocean in friendship and sympathy for those guys at that thing, that terrible terrorist thing, that happened, sometime or other, somewhere or other in Sweden Friday night. Of course, there was also a real terrorist attack, by the neo-nazis [Read More…]

A Conversation About Amoris Laetitia

…with a friend of mine from England, published in an Aussie paper. Isn’t the intertubes amazing? [Read more…]

More Happy Fruit of Br. Barron’s Chat with Atheist Dave Rubin

Spurring interest in the delightful Peter Kreeft. [Read more…]