Pete Socks…

interviews the man behind Patrick Madrid’s mustache about his new book. [Read more...]

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor

…that the Pope is seeking my advice for the Synod.  But I can say that Roman restaurants make really good linguini. In related news about how much I suck, I got my first caricature a couple of days ago: I’ve always secretly wanted a caricature, so I was actually kind of thrilled. Stay tuned for [Read More...]

Eileen Archer

Helena Theresa Athy Archer BELLEVUE Helena Archer, a member of St. Madeleine Sophie Parish, died July 17. She was 90. She was born in County Mayo, Ireland.  She worked as a beauty consultant, and lived in Washington state for the past 11 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, Denis. She is survived [Read More...]

The Liberal Running our Church Has No Media Savvy

I miss his predecessor John the Baptist. He has *got* to stop these casual interviews with the press. With dangerously confusing messages like “Why do you call me good? There is none good but God.” and “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” and “The Father is greater than I” and Jesus calling the [Read More...]


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Question for Readers

We just did a big huge mystical magical technomage upgrade to the site that I don’t understand at all.  They are still working bugs and gremlins out, I’m told.  But I wanna ask ya:  Is it loading better and making you happier?  Problems to report?  Please feel free to tell Mr. Combox about your experience. [Read More...]


You Can Join the Exciting, Fast-Paced and Lucrative World of Homeschool Publishing!!!! [Read more...]

And who is my neighbor?

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New from Saruman Industries!

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Having posted an Arrogant Worms vid yesterday

I might as well post another today since they are so fun! This goes out to Peter Shea. [Read more...]

After Asking Employees to Reveal Personal Beliefs, Chase Faces Boycott

As they bloody well should. [Read more...]

No more silence about the extermination of Christians

Fr. Martin Fox on the slaughter and persecution the Church is facing in the Mideast. [Read more...]

“Stand Up and Fight, You Crapulous Coward!”

I may explode from the overload of awesomeness! Chesterton illustrated by Ben Hatke! A sinister spaceship captures an innocent monk … a pugnacious atheist and a devout Catholic vow to duel to the death … and a cross-country chase ensues!  When two men decide to fight for their respective beliefs, they discover to their astonishment [Read More...]

Dan Burke begins a very welcome and much-needed series

He writes: I am sure you are aware of the rise of several forces in the Church that are very destructive. One has been around a long time – the chasing after apparitions and an inordinate or unhealthy focus on private mystical experience unmoored from the heart of the Church (Maria Divine Mercy is a [Read More...]

A filmmaker named Ernesto Rivas is crowdfunding a new project

Here’s the site about the “Our Father” film. And here’s the crowdfunding site if you’d like to kick some $$$ toward it! [Read more...]

I love Brandon Vogt

The guy walks the talk: This morning, I released my newest book, The Saints’ Favorite Books: Read What They Read, Become Who They Are. It highlights fourteen saints and their favorite books and also contains a Bonus Appendix on “The Popes’ Favorite Books.” And here’s the best part: I’m giving it away completely FREE! Anyone who [Read More...]

Yr. Obdt. Svt on Sola Scriptura

Now en Espanol! Here’s the context for CERC’s Spanish site. An informal survey back in 2012 confirmed that while there are some very good news sites for Spanish speaking Catholics, there are no web sites doing what CERC is doing in the Spanish language. Given that there are 37 million Spanish speakers in the United [Read More...]

People tell me the Catholic faith is all about inflicting guilt

But that’s really the task of post-Christian Puritanism like this article. Catholic faith is about forgiveness of sins. Here: have some more guilt: [Read more...]

Abolish the Damn Death Penalty

Arizona act of human sacrifice to pagan god of vengeance takes two hours to kill victim. Advanced civilizations of Communist China, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia send telegram to Governor: “Congratulations!  You’re one of us!” This is a pro-life issue. [Read more...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Please pray for the young woman brought out of Wakefield Place this morning by ambulance. They were doing CPR on her. She is someone I know, so this is really hard. Father, hear our prayer for her complete recovery through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for her [Read More...]

Evil Commie Psycho Tyrant is Upset: So Forward This Video to Everybody You Know

The Poor Widdle Monster doesn’t like this video: Seems the crazy little fiend thinks it “seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority“. I don’t normally do this, but in this case I will make an exception: Let’s make this thing go mega-viral. Forward it as far and wide as you can. “The devil, the proud spirit, [Read More...]