In America, decadent Westerners hail summer

In Russia, summer hail you! [Read more...]

For my birthday, I am liveblogging “Sharknado”

I can’t wait to find out what this film is about. I’m live blogging the experience. So far, I’ve learned that the pretty waitress has a mysterious scar and hatred of sharks. I’m trying figure out the deep psychological connection. Also, villainous Mexicans and Asians are earth rapists who get eaten by whirling sharks in [Read More...]

My flourishing as a human person will never happen…

without rocket skates: Attention The Internet: I require these too. [Read more...]

My pal Janice Reksten Carl (second from right)…

…sends this along in celebration of our mutual birthday: That reminds, The Internet, I also need this for my complete flourishing as a human being: ORIGINAL VINTAGE 1965 BEATLES LUNCHBOX & THERMOS WITH ORIGINAL STOCK STICKER It’s only $6,500.  I’ve seen the generosity you guys are capable of.  If you band together, you will be [Read More...]


WALK!  WALK FOR YOUR LIVES! [Read more...]

My happiness and completion as a human being…

…also requires street legal bumper cars for me and all my friends and family. Please attend to this for my birthday, The Internet.  Thank you! [Read more...]

While we are on the subject of my shallow materialistic needs, wants, and desires…

I also require this for my completion and total happiness.  You do *want* me to thrive and be happy, right?  Of course you do, The Internet! [Read more...]

Since So Many People are Fascinated with My Needs, Wants, and Desires

Here is another thing required for my health care needs: [Read more...]

I require this for my full flourishing as a human being as well

If you don’t want me to just dry up and die, you will pool your funds and give them to me so I can have the psycho-emotional sustenance I need in order to thrive. [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

Since you showed me this awesome toy and made clear to me that my happiness and completion and fulfilment as a person depends on acquiring it, I feel that you owe it to me to supply me with one. The way I see it, this is exercise. Exercise is necessary for health. Therefore this is [Read More...]

It’s our Birthday and We Wantsss it, Precioussss!!

World’s Most Awesomest Cake: This too is required for my happiness and completion as a birthday boy: [Read more...]

Against Punishing the Poor

Over at the Register, we are discussing the strange habit many American communities have of making sure that the poor are punished for the crime of poverty. [Read more...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Calvinist Eisegesis

Recently, Chuck Baldwin wrote on FB: The phony-conservative, Glenn Beck, is sending food and soccer balls to illegals swarming across our southern border at the orchestration of the Obama administration. And the phony conservative, Joe Scarborough, says Beck is acting like Jesus Christ for doing so. it is amazing how spiritual these talking heads can [Read More...]

This killed me

[Read more...]

Reader Edward Patrick Mooney writes

I thought you might be interested in what we are trying to bring to contemporary Catholic music: Here is a free listen to our newest release from Streets Of Rome Edward Patrick Mooney Streets Of Rome – Contemporary Catholic singer-songrwiter band Sonoma County, California Check it out! [Read more...]

Euthanasia Doctor Offers “Inspiring” Tour of Death Camps

Conventional history tells us Hitler was driven out of the Low Countries.  Don’t you believe it. [Read more...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Prayers for my uncle, John McGee, who has been on a respirator the past week at Reston Hospital. He is in serious condition and may not last much longer. Father, hear our prayer for John’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit, or for the grace of a happy death if it [Read More...]

Brad Birzer is my kind of nerd

Here he is, commenting on the greatness of the Star Trek: The Original Series and the core of it: the archetypal friendship of Kirk, Spock, and Bones.  There is something in that portrayal of friendship that touches a primal nerve in a culture that no longer knows what to do with friendship in its headlong [Read More...]

Burning Man for Libertarians

Guns, drugs, and partial nudity Fest for people with a philosophy that does not include children. [Read more...]

I require this for my happiness

Actually, it’s a kayak.  But it is still necessary for my completion as a human being.  Kayaking is healthy exercise, so I think I am owed this as a part of the HHS Mandate.  As my birthday approaches, it’s just so important for the world to think about my needs, wants, and desires.   [Read more...]

Atheist TV debuts…

For people who can’t handle the pulse-pounding action of CSpan, there is now a channel dedicated (if it is honest) to repeating “There is no God” 24/7/365. Since there are only two decent arguments for that, this means that the other 23:58 of programming per day is going to get pretty dull for all but [Read More...]