Missional Places: Indianapolis

I’m in Indianapolis for a few days this week, and, although I’m stuck at a conference center for meetings most of the time, I am enjoying the people I’m with. I’m also getting a chance to connect with some friends who live here in Indy and who are engaged in the missional church conversation.

I just happened to come across this short teaser video for a new documentary film that’s being produced about the city of Indianapolis, and it reminded me of something my friends in the Parish Collective would probably just love to see! Eat your heart out:

  • Bill Bell

    If I may ask (as an Indy resident), could I find out who you were connecting with for the missional conversations?

    • http://www.knightopia.com/blog Steve Knight

      Bill, I was meeting with Chris Smith and the folks at Englewood Christian Church, who are hosting the Slow Church conference in Indianapolis. I’d encourage you to connect with them!