Would You Wear a crippledJesus Necklace?

crippledJesus necklaceCris and Philip Zimmermann are brothers in Germany, who have started a business called crippledJesus, based on the theological ideas probably best expressed by Teresa of Avila in her poem “Christ Has No Body.”

In this short video, they explain the idea between the cross necklaces they are producing (with the help of handicapped workers) and selling as a way of supporting their missional churches (in Mainz and Frankfurt, respectively):

What do you think of this cross necklace/missional business idea? Would you wear one of these necklaces? Why or why not?

UPDATE: If you haven’t heard the song that Brian McLaren and Tracy Howe Wispeley wrote using the words from Teresa of Avila, you can watch a video on YouTube or just listen to “With Kindness” over at songsforarevolutionofhope.com.