#100Startup: Style with Substance = Impact

The $100 Startup giveawayThis week I’m blogging through Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup and giving away a free signed copy! Find out how you can enter to win »

In his chapter on “hustling,” Chris Guillebeau writes, “Being willing to promote in an authentic, non-sleazy manner is a core attribute of microbusiness success. … Take the time to make something worth talking about — don’t be a charlatan.”

He gives practical advice on how to communicate about your project, and gives this principle: “You’re … not ‘selling’ anyone on the project; you’re just letting people know what you’re up to and inviting them to participate further if they’d like to.”

Chris writes quite a bit about this shift from “old-school marketing,” which is persuasion-based, to the “new marketing,” which is based on invitation.

He illustrates how to “hustle” in the best possible way:

Style without substance = flash
(Nobody respects you.)

Substance without style = unknown
(People respect you, but not many people even know about you.)

Style with substance = impact
(This is the goal.)

I suspect that most missional church planters are interested in making an impact, so Chris’ advice on “hustling” could be invaluable.

What are you passionate about that you could imagine turning into a missional business? Share that idea in the comments on the contest giveaway post for a chance to win the book!

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