A Collection of Statements Concerning the Murder of Aasiya Hassan — Updated 3.3.09

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  • http://getoutlines.wordpress.com Safiya Outlines

    Salaam Alaikum,

    I thought the ISNA statement was especially well written. So when people come out with the “Muslims don’t condemn…” You can wave it in their faces, because it is not only a condemnation, but a call to action too.

  • http://www.saathiofrochester.org Afshan Qureshi

    On Behalf of the Saathi of Rochester a south asian organization against domestic violence. I would like to respond to the current issues involved in the latest Domestic Violence murder in Buffalo.

    I have seen articles about different labels to this most heinous crime. However domestic violence remains at the core of this murder. One article in The Buffalo news has tried to clarify that either the community was unaware and or the victim somehow did not want to pursue to the full extent the many avenues afforded to victims.

    As an advocate of victims undergoing domestic violence we see the typical pattern that Ms Assiya was following altho many of us would insist that she was one brave woman who did try to reach out by her various attempts at calling the police. Her final attempt at getting an order of protection. We need to respect her efforts and attempts to break free.

    Ms.Aasiya’s attempts to maintain her and her childrens life with dignity; respect and privacy is gone. Please know that at least we can give her memory the respect and honor it deserves.

    Unfortunately we dont have a law that would have allowed the law enforcement authorities to pursue charges considering this was not a one time complaint. It would relieve the victim of blame and guilt if we could somehow manage to allow some type of authority to our law enforcement. In retrospect we can have many opinions what could have or should have been done. The reality is she was a victim and unable to survive Domestic violence; she paid a price with her life.

    We at Saathi hope that this would shed light for many who are undergoing domestic violence. For those who know someone experiencing it but dont have the ability to help,that they would be able to connect the victims so they may reach out to the various organizations working in this field and area.
    We hope for Justice to prevail.

    Afshan Qureshi
    Saathi of Rochester

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