Khuda Hafiz

Salaams readers!

Goodbyes are rarely easy and I’m horrible at them. So this goodbye won’t be very well done.

I have recently decided to leave MMW. At this point my PhD work hangs over my head and is feeling quite neglected. However, my time with MMW has been amazing, loads of fun, and very educational. Not to mention how grateful I am for the friends I’ve made as a result of MMW.

Thanks Fatemeh for the wonderful opportunity to write for you and thanks for putting up with me, my tardiness, and my opinions :) (and for having my back). And thanks for doing such an AMAZING job at MMW. You are a superstar!!

And thanks to our readers! Especially those who sent personal messages for me. The support is much appreciated and needed with such political and controversial writing.

I’m sure you’ll see me here every once in a while. I’m too opinionated to keep totally quiet.

Thanks again everyone!

Khuda Hafiz


  • Ista

    Good luck on your PHD!

  • ferishta

    Hey Sobia,
    thank you so much for your work. I am a reader from Germany.
    Are you Afghan? I am asking because of your Khudahafez..
    Good to have Afghans here..I love MMW..mashaAllah.
    Wish you all good with your PhD!
    khuda hafez,

  • softestbullet

    Good luck with the PhD! Your contributions have been greatly appreciated. :)

  • Faith

    Wa ‘alaikum salaam Sobia!

    I’m sad to see you go but the PhD definitely comes first. May Allah give you success in your pursuit of your PhD. I’ll look forward to the posts you write from time to time.

    Khuda Hafiz!

  • Fatemeh

    (sniff, sniff) We’re really going to miss you around here. Thank you for all of the wonderful, wonderful work you’ve done while you were here. You literally helped me make MMW what it is today, and I’ll always be grateful for it. (HUG)

  • s.c.

    All the best :)

  • Zahra

    Oh no! I am going to miss your writing, your perspectives and your opinions so much! You’re one of the people who got me addicted to this site.

    But kudos to you for making the decision to prioritize your academic work. Very best wishes in the completion of your PhD–God willing it will be only one milestone in a long and successful career.

  • Sobia

    @all: Aww…thanks everyone for the love. It’s very much appreciated. And thank you for the well wishes on the PhD. Insha’Allah I’m hoping to get it done soon. Insha’Allah!

    @ Fatemeh: *Bear hug* :)

    @ ferishta: Thank you! I’m Pakistani. In Pakistan we also say Khuda Hafiz. :)

    @ Zahra: Thanks so much! That’s so nice to know :) Insha’Allah I hope so! :D

  • Safiya Outlines

    Salaam Alaikum,

    I will miss you too. I always found your pieces an interesting and engaging read.

    May Allah may your PhD easy for you!

  • SakuraPassion

    Good bye!!! I enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you get your PhD.


    May Allah make your Ph.D work goes easily and successfully. Jazkak’Allah ul Khair for all the interesting posts here on MMW!

  • Sahar

    Aww sad to see you go! Even though we didn’t agree on everything I enjoyed your contribution to MMW. InshaAllah you do well in your PhD.

  • Rochelle

    Kheyli mamnun baraaye gozaresh va nazar-e kheyli jaleb-e shomaa! Good Luck!

    meaning, since i know there are some non persian speakers out there: thank you very much for your reports and interesting opinions! and good luck, again, on the phd although i know you will do very well.

  • Kathy

    Best of luck, your writing is inspiring, I hope you come back

  • laila

    Sobia, thank you for great work.

    Good Luck and Prosper.

  • Safiyyah

    good luck with the Phd Sobia – hope to see you arounds here sometime though!! will miss your posts.

  • Yusra Tekbali

    May Allah grant you success in all that you do. Best of luck.