MMW Call for Writers

Salam waleykum, readers!

Are you a Muslim woman who sees stuff about Muslim women in the media, on billboards, on commercials, or in movies, and thinks to herself, “WTH?!” You might be just what we’re looking for!

MMW is looking for more writers, and we’re searching far and wide! We want great bloggers/writers, who love to analyze and critique both local and international media representations of Muslim women.

Specifically, we’d love more contributors from Europe and the Middle East. But, as everyone knows, Islam is an international faith, and if you’ve got a great viewpoint, it doesn’t matter where you’re from!

If you’re interested, email with two or more writing samples, any experience you have (school- or job-related), and tell us a little bit about yourself: why you’d like to write for us, and what you think your perspective could add to our site. Email us if you have questions, too! Make sure to put “MMW Contributor” and your name in the subject title, so we don’t think you’re spam.

Our only requirements are that you identify as female and as Muslim, and have an interest in critiquing Muslim women’s representation in the media. A background in media analysis and feminist criticism isn’t necessary, but it is extra special. You can learn a little more about our perspective here.

Please forward this to any sisters who may be interested. We’d love to expand our coverage to better critique media in all parts of the world.

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