More female Saudi TV stars this Ramadan

This originally appeared in the Saudi Gazette.

Saudi TV dramas are undergoing a revolution with more Saudi actresses than ever before appearing in television serials this Ramadan. While Saudi actresses were once marginalized and relegated to minor roles in Arab TV dramas, they are now appearing in major roles and receiving star billing, Al-Riyadh Arabic daily reported on Sunday.

Among those who have recently become famous are: Reem Al-Abdullah, Aghadeer Al-Saeed, Hind Muhammad and Qamar Turk.

The appearance of Saudi actresses in a variety of roles in TV series this Ramadan has highlighted the pool of female acting talent in the Kingdom and has prompted many satellite TV stations to rush to sign contracts with these young women. This, in itself, is proof of the existence of the talent of Saudi women who only required direction and faith in themselves in order to succeed.

Many predict that in the coming years, the presence of Saudi women in Saudi-produced TV dramas will grow stronger, thus allowing Saudi drama to more accurately reflect the society.

In the controversial Tash Ma Tash serial, Reem Al-Abdullah plays the role of a woman with four husbands who wants to divorce one so she can marry for the fifth time.

Hind Muhammad, the 25-year-old Saudi actress, starred in the Kingdom’s first feature film Keif Al-Hal?, which was well received at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. The film revolves around a young woman who finds herself torn between modernity and tradition.

“Hind was brave in taking on the role of Dunya – other actresses in Riyadh would have hesitated,” Ayman Halawani, the producer told the BBC in May. “She’s shown that a Saudi actress can both be attractive and dignified.”

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