Women’s Voices Now: I Accept I Accept I Accept

Today’s film “captures the true essence of the protagonist’s feelings getting into an arrange marriage.” It was submitted by Sanaa Iftikar in Pakistan.

What do you think, readers?

You can watch the rest of the submissions at the Women’s Voices Now website.

  • bham

    It makes my skin crawl.

    This goes on all the time. Everywhere. In different ways, be it ‘arranged’ or forced. That implicit way of ‘arrangement’, where a woman/man feels cornered, if she/he said ‘no’ then what? So she/he does it anyway. “She accepted”. She/he might not have had much of a choice.

    One word: education, it’s key. Another word: courage. We need to find the courage to stand up to such ignorance by going against the status quo.

  • http://DeadAmericanDream.blogspot.com Jihad Punk 77

    it’s a very beautiful film

  • shahzad

    so what was the message of this video..?
    if women have not seen her man..same case for the man there.

    second you are presenting a very old fashioned theme here in the video ..time has changed… very low percentage of such things now a days…
    i must say that sana misrepresenting the things..

  • http://culturalfascinations.blogspot.com/ SakuraPassion

    It was good, though I think it’s interesting it’s titled I accept, I’m assuming it’s telling us that she doesn’t have much of a choice. So had to accept.

  • bham

    @ Shazad

    “Low percentage”

    Where do you live? Somewhere very sheltered by the look of things.

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