Brainless Badly Veiled Women

Golnaz Esfandiari writes about a cartoon by a hard-line news agency: “The cartoon suggests that women who cover their hair and body fully are perhaps as smart as Albert Einstein, while those who don’t completely observe the obligatory Islamic dress code are brainless.”

Bad Hijab, Badly Veiled

  • Jihad Punk

    just an observation, but it also seems the “brainless” woman is also of African origin, due to her hair. Or am I the only one who sees that?

  • Anne

    @ Jihad Punk: It could be, but I didn’t see it that way; I just saw a woman with a lot of hair (emphasized to make her look “bad”). It’s an Iranian cartoon, so both women depicted are probably supposed to be ethnically Persian. Although the ‘bad hijabi’ does have a larger nose and lips than the ‘good hijabi’, which is way too reminiscent of anti-Semitic cartoons and vaudeville shows.

    Man oh man, this whole cartoon is just a hot mess, totally cringeworthy, and unbelievably offensive. It almost makes me wish that they’d just go back to those horrible “women are pearls/roses/precious jewels” campaigns.

  • Vanessa Rivera

    Other sign from the manly man male dogmatic propaganda about what a women must to be

  • SS

    This obsession with hijaab has become an utter joke. I wish ‘they’ would stop wasting their time drawing brainless pictures to try and win a battle of identity politics,oppressing women in the process. Instead focus on more important matters.

  • SS

    Looks like hijaab also shrinks your hair and facial features. Ridiculous picture, like the women are like lollipops and the ‘ oops hijaab’ video.. Patronising and small minded pap.

  • Melinda

    I noticed the hair and exaggerated features in the hijab-less woman too. I was wondering if it could be a racialized/ethnic comment… Ugh, just a horrible cartoon all around.

  • Dina


    yeah for some reason the hijabi magically seems to conform to beauty ideals (European ones, we have to add) more – reward by God?! of course the non hijabi is portrayed as “ugly” (big nose, “coarse” hair)


    I am Persian and the cartoon is not at all racial. The Persian girls in Iran who wear their scarf badly fry their hair with flat irons and spike it or curly their hair like that. Its the “fashion”. As for the lips, it shows the surgeries that they do like get tier lips plumped and their noses done. Their large noses also show their pride. I don’t know why people always assume that something is racial. When she was drawing this cartoon I am almost 100% positive she wasn’t thinking about race, just what she sees everyday on the streets.