Some Updates from MMW

Hello and salaams dear MMW readers,

Just a couple quick updates:

First, I’m be traveling (in Turkey!) for the next two weeks.  While I’m away, MMW’s Associate Editor, Tasnim, will be doing the editing, social media, etc.  I have no doubt that things at MMW will run smoothly while I’m gone, but if anyone is trying to get in touch with me, that will likely be slow.

Second, and more importantly, I wanted to let you know about our plans for Ramadan, which starts July 20(ish).  This year, during Ramadan, we’ll be stepping back from most of our media analysis posts, and instead sharing stories, reflections, and even recipes from our experiences of Ramadan in various parts of the world.  Some of the posts are scheduled already, and they look great.  Stay tuned!

All the best,

Krista Riley

Editor-in-Chief, Muslimah Media Watch

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