Friday Links | August 12, 2011

NPR looks at how religious leaders in Pakistan are misleading women about birth control and family planning: Zakaria says being poor should in no way limit having babies. Referencing the Quran, he says, "God will provide the resources and no one will starve.""There are clear instructions in the Holy Quran, in which Allah says, 'We give you food, and we will also give food to your children. Food is not your responsibility, but God's,' " he says.The mufti says the Quran also instructs … [Read more...]

The Guardian Turns a Water Pistol Fight into an Islamic Wet t-Shirt Contest

I found it refreshing to see pictures of a young Iranians taking part in a water pistol fight in Tehran in The Guardian.Until I realize that every single picture is of soaked women. Anyone else feel weirded out by this? That's the kind of side-eye I'm talking about, sister. Image via Amir/Demotix/Corbis. I'm confused as to why only women are featured (with the exception of one picture showing a man dumping a water bottle on a woman), since there are plenty of men in the background. The … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 5, 2011

We're exploring a Friday Links format here at MMW. It's different than our usual. Let us know what you think in the comments! And, as always, feel free to include links to news about Muslim women from the past week in the comments!News coverage of Muslim women in New Zealand is rare, but the Herald on Sunday ran a great piece on local Muslim women. It was supported by the hard work of Anjum Rahman and a great editorial from the paper itself: It would take a special meanness of spirit not to … [Read more...]

Ramadan Karim!

Salam alaikum, readers!We’d like to wish all of you a blessed and peaceful Ramadan! … [Read more...]

In your local bookstore…

This great picture from Kawdess is one reason why MMW needs to exist. Thanks to Sabina England for the tip! We're going to go on a little vacation until Ramadan starts. We'll miss you a lot, but we'll see you again next week! … [Read more...]

Brainless Badly Veiled Women

Golnaz Esfandiari writes about a cartoon by a hard-line news agency: "The cartoon suggests that women who cover their hair and body fully are perhaps as smart as Albert Einstein, while those who don't completely observe the obligatory Islamic dress code are brainless." … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 22, 2011

Somalia's women's minister, Asha Osman Aqil, has been kidnapped by Al Shabab. God keep her safe.Egyptian women take a stand against harassment with HarassMap.Emirati women will enjoy full participation in an upcoming election to be held in September; they may both vote and run in the election.How the Muslim community rose to Rumana Monzur's defense after her husband attacked her.Pakistan appoints its first female foreign minister. More from the BBC.The Obedient Wives Club not … [Read more...]