Friday Links | May 27, 2011

Arab women's participation in political resistance isn't a new thing, mkay?Britain’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor has taken up the historic post in the city of Bradford. More here.  Middle East Online looks at other kick-ass British Muslim woman creating positive changes in their communities.Shaista Aziz asks whether "halal" speed-dating can work.Arab News reports on Manal al-Sharif's imprisonment. More from Al Jazeera.Free Detroit Press examines the tragic death of Jessica Mo … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 20, 2010

The head of the IMF sexually assaulted a Muslim woman working at his hotel. Laila Lalami speaks eloquently on the subject.Female entrepreneurs are helping Bangladesh shake off a "Least Developed Country" label.A Saudi Arabian student in the U.S. is arrested for assaulting people at a Wal-Mart.A young Australian artist is profiled for her poignant artwork.An estimated 2,555 women in Yemen die annually during childbirth because they do not have access to proper health facilities … [Read more...]

Arab Women: They’re in Niqabs, Gettin’ in Ur Democracy

The Atlantic featured this picture on its latest magazine, which includes an article about the Arab Spring and the future of democracy in the region.The article does talk briefly about women's rights in the region, but it seems hardly fitting that there should be a woman wearing niqab on the cover with the fearmongering caption, "Is this the face of Arab democracy? Why the new Middle East is more hopeful--and more hazardous." DUN DUN DUUUUUUN. … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 13, 2011

Female Somali entrepreneurs carve a niche in Boston.On divorce in Malaysia.Dr. Jay profiles Hind and Reem Beljafla's clothing line.The Florida Times-Union writes a patronizing article about women of faith who exercise.Shanaaz Copeland wants her Aussie Rules hijabs sold as official AFL merchandise, which could become a possibility.Girls fight for the right to wear headscarves in one Bangkok school. More from the Bangkok Post.Women of Scotland's Blackhall Mosque work in … [Read more...]

Announcing “The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media”

Muslimah Media Watch is a proud partner for The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media, featuring 60 speakers in 60 seconds each, for a total of 60 insightful minutes. This is an unprecedented online event and audio seminar happening in May.Billed as "the shortest conference on Islam ever," it brings together many names and faces you'll recognize including our very own Editor-in-Chief, Fatemeh and Contributor Sana, along with several prominent female Muslim voices, such as Zeba Khan, Sana … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 6, 2011

ILLUME discusses sexual harassment.Our lady Yusra writes about her life as a Libyan-American Muslim woman for The Huffington Post.The Sydney Morning Herald profiles Shakira Hussein's activism.Female health workers in Pakistan have no maternity leave and are facing pay shortages.A man murdered his 20-year-old stepdaughter. May Allah give her peace and justice.The Washington Post and The Daily Beast weigh in on Sila Sahin's Playboy spread.A 15-year-old girl gets accepted … [Read more...]

Friday Links | April 29, 2011

A Turkish opinion poll revealed that the overwhelming majority of Turks are in favor of allowing women wearing headscarves to serve as Parliament members.Women in Bangladesh use the W.A.S.H. program to learn how to stay healthy.The Philippine Muslim Women Council has appealed to the public to help protect and preserve Lake Lanao.The Montreal Gazette profiles Lebanese-Canadian activist Elsy Fneiche.MuslimMatters highlights the problem of sexual harassment in Muslim … [Read more...]