Friday Links – November 9, 2007

Turkish author Selin Tamtekin publishes a fictional book that deals frankly with a Turkish woman’s sexuality, and everybody gets their panties in a twist. A review of Margot Badran’s latest book Feminism beyond East and West – New Gender Talk and Practice in Global Islam. Muslim students organize Scarves for Solidarity event to showcase hate crime incidents toward hejabis. Women’s rights activists in Bahrain work to make sure the recently-set minimum marriage age is not repea … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Today is a special day, and we will have another post up later today about Britz, the contraversial "docu-drama" that aired in Britain this past week. But for now, here are some links for 11.2.07"  Author Fatemeh Keshavarz talks about her book and leadership in Iran and the U.S. The founder of Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities is honored by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.Ruqaya Al Ghasara, Doha’s Asian Games 200m gold medalist, dedicates her v … [Read more...]

Reasons I Hate Halloween

It's Halloween again here in the West, and I have to that I'm a grown up, Halloween sucks. Especially because of:Slutty costumes (I just had to say it) Slutty “ethnic” costumes: Native American girl, geisha, etc.In particular:Harem girl costumes Belly dancer costumes Genie costumes Cleopatra costumes Arab sheikh costumes  These costumes reinforce the eroticized and/or dangerous stereotypes associated wi … [Read more...]

Brass Crescent Awards

The Fourth Annual Brass Crescent Awards are here, loyal readers! According to their website, the Brass Crescent Awards are “an annual awards ceremony that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere … Nominations are taken from blog readers, who then vote for the winners."   Please show us some love by nominating us--for whatever! We appreciate your votes and support! Also, take a look at our links to get ideas for other categories; we have links to some great b … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Remember to wear a pink scarf/hejab today! Support breast cancer survivors and create awareness of the disease!Here are some good reads for 10.26.07:  The first Pakistani woman astronaut gets ready to blast off!Ed Husain from U.K.’s The Guardian explores Women Without Borders in Vienna, and the platform they have given to Muslim women.Lilith Attack explores the racist backlash from a bus incident in which the bus driver wore a headscarf. A Spanish film a … [Read more...]

National Pink Hejab Day

This Friday, October 26th, is National Pink Hejab day. Women who wear hejab will be wearing pink hejabs to raise awareness for breast cancer.But those of you who don't wear hejab are thinking, what about me? Well, wear a pink scarf, sisters! It's October, and (at least where I am) it's cold! So snuggle up with a warm pink pashmina. Tie a pink ribbon around your hair or wear it on your wrist. Wear pink bracelets or something.Or donate some zakat to a cancer research organization. … [Read more...]

Look Who’s Talking Now: The New Orientalism

Books give me an overpowering thrill: something about knowledge in a portable, substantial form makes me feel secure. Chunks of time just slip through my fingers whenever I’m in a bookstore. But it’s not because I’m browsing books and reading chapters…it’s because I’m rearranging shelves. I frequent the religion and world history sections, interested in what’s being said about the Middle East and Islam. And, if you analyze these topics by looking at a Barnes & Noble shelf, then you’d probabl … [Read more...]