Failing Ramadan? On Fasting and Being “Non-Practising”

The writer of this post wishes to remain anonymous.If fasting were a class or a course, I’d give myself an F this Ramadan. This is strange for me, as I have never had any problems fasting, even during long hot summers, and I’ve been doing it since I was ten. This is the first Ramadan I feel I have "failed." It was clear to me that I couldn't do it when I woke up and I just did not see the point of not eating and not drinking. So, without planning to, I broke my fast. I remember “cheating” onc … [Read more...]

A Thousand Shames

This article was originally published at Sixteen Minutes to Palestine  by Sami Kishawi.Saying that this photograph recently resurfaced would imply that it had somehow gotten buried. But that is simply not true. Published for the New York Times just days after Israel pulled back on its most deadly assault on the Gaza Strip yet, the image sent and continues to send shockwaves around the world. What was a child doing in the middle of that victory rally? Why was the child outfitted with a g … [Read more...]

Women and Democracy in Pakistan: How Dreams are Stronger than Fear

This post was written by guest contributor Maria Salman.Defiance. In light of a recent landmark election, this is the one word dominating the media’s rhetoric on the civic engagement of Pakistani women. On May 11, scores of Pakistanis came out to exercise their right to vote – many for the first time in their lives. As the world apprehensively eyes a crucial geopolitical region against the backdrop of what was once called the War on Terror, it was inevitable perhaps that when the focus was on … [Read more...]