All-American Muslim, All-About Asra Edition

When an act of bigotry or prejudice occurs, it is often accompanied by an insidious denial that an act of bigotry is even occurring. You would think that cancelling advertising during the reality television show All-American Muslim because showing Muslims as ordinary people apparently equals doom to the US – as the company Lowe’s (and others) did – could not be seen as anything other than horribly Islamophobic.Wrong! Come with me, to a place where reason and facts are lost in a swirl of … [Read more...]

Hot Off the Press! White Women Are Converting to Islam!

Look at pictures of real live white women wearing hijab!All the exclamation marks in existence could not hide that these are the usual soundbites in a story that gets repeated more often then Home Alone at Christmastime. The problem with these statements being that not only do they erase the experiences of convert from other ethnicities, they also have a "A white person choosing to be Muslim, the horror!" undertone to them. So while these statements are linked to the … [Read more...]

From Somalia with Love (and Heavy-Handedness)

I was really looking forward to reading this book, as I still love young adult fiction and was intrigued to see what a Muslim take on the genre would read like.From Somalia with Love focuses on 14-year-old Safia who lives with her Mum and two older brothers in the heart of the Somali community in East London. She spends most of her time with her extended family, writing poetry or with her best friend, Hamida. Then her father comes home after 12 years of being missing, presumed dead in … [Read more...]

Jezebel Turns Osama bin Laden’s Daughter into a Killing Machine

Though one expects a whopping media event like the death of Osama Bin Laden to produce speculative stories on an industrial scale, it is to be hoped that the speculation is at least based in reality. Blogs engage in wild speculation, but serious media blogs are still behooved to be based on facts; otherwise, we might as well read slash fiction.None of this quibbling for Anna North at Jezebel, who ponders the future of Osama bin Laden's 12-year-old daughter, Safiyah, in a recent post. By … [Read more...]

Rukhsana Khan: A Wonderful Children’s Author

Recently, I was in a bookshop with my daughter. We were in the children's section, enjoying the vast array of colorful books. Lift-the-flap books, tactile books, storybooks, craft books, there is a great selection available. However, this diversity only goes so far. While books now will make a small effort to have characters that aren't white, this tends to be one black or generically Asian child. Definitely no Muslims, not one. Sadly, it would appear Muslims are considered too “controversial” to … [Read more...]

Note to British Press: Fanning Islamophobic Flames isn’t Journalism

This week, Roshonara Choudhry was convicted of attempted murder for stabbing her local MP twice in the stomach during a constituency surgery. She has received a sentence of life imprisonment, to serve at least 15 years. The judge also informed her that, had her attack proved fatal, she would have received a Whole Life Tariff (the U.K. equivalent of life imprisonment without parole, something only 35 prisoners in the U.K. have been given).Her attack was motivated by Timms' vote in support of … [Read more...]

Make-up Shake Up: YouTube’s Muslim Make-up Sensation

The MMW Friday link lists often highlights the disparity between non-Muslim perception of Muslim women's experiences and the lives Muslim women actually live.Hence the recent spate of incredulous articles about hijab fashion websites. For Muslim women, the concept of hijab fashion is nothing new, but for Western journalists, Muslim women having the inclination and freedom for frivolity is unexpected.So for me and I expect many readers of this site, a Muslimah giving make-up tutorials on … [Read more...]