New MMW Contributor!

Salam, everyone!My name is Sara, and I'm a recent graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. My family is of Indian descent, but my parents and grandparents all lived and grew up largely in East Africa, and I was born in Toronto, Canada. I lived in the Ivory Coast for a few years and spent high school and college in Texas. This mix of experiences and cultures has made me intellectually curious about the process of identity-formation, particularly in Muslim communities. I'm … [Read more...]

When the Personal is Political: Dr. Samar Habib

Those of you who have been following debates surrounding academic freedom might remember the story of Dr. Samar Habib (pictured below right), whose “Women in Arabic and Islamic Literature” course was cut from the University of Western Sydney schedule largely due to complaints by Muslim organizations like the Australian National Imams Council and Muslims for Peace. Amidst complaints that the course promoted “an emphasis on sexuality and a sexually explicit content that is not reflective of norma … [Read more...]