The Other Half of the Sky: Inheritance in a Tunisian Film

Tunisian filmmaker Kalthoum Bornaz's film Shtar M'Haba (The Other Half of the Sky) was recently discussed in Lebanon's The Daily Star. As it turns out, Bornaz was the only female director to enter the official competition at Ouagadougou's Pan-African Film and Television Festival earlier this month. The Daily Star tells us that she was not successful, but the message of her film has resonated with audiences.As The Daily Star points out, the "movie tackles the sensitive subject of what women … [Read more...]

Journalist Missing the Mission: Sally Armstrong and Afghan Women

The following has been cross posted at Muslim Lookout.For a while now Sally Armstrong has been documenting the situation of women in Afghanistan through her books and documentary. She recently spoke at the University of Guelph fundraising breakfast and Guelph, Ontario's Guelph Mercury covered the talk given by Armstrong  - a journalist, it seems, on a mission.Now anytime the idea of a non-Afghan, Western/Northern person trying to save Afghan women is presented, I can't help but wonder if  l … [Read more...]

There’s Not Much Desi About Desi Dolls

A few weeks ago, we featured a story in our Friday links about the introduction of Muslim dolls in the U.K., created to teach Muslim children about Islam. Sounds like a great idea at first, until I saw what this picture of the dolls and realized the disturbing  racial implications.The main problem comes in the name of these dolls. The dolls are called Desi Dolls. "Desi" is the term used to refer to anyone of South Asian descent - Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, etc. Therefore, t … [Read more...]

Life Lost: the Tragic Case of Sahar Daftary

On December 20th, 23-year-old model Sahar Daftary died as a result of a fall from the 12th story of an apartment building in Greater Manchester (inna lillahi wa inna illaihi raji'un). May Allah have mercy on her soul. The death of this former Face of Asia has spurred many speculations in British media as to the cause of her death - was it suicide, or an accident?Media reports inform us that Daftary was believed to have committed suicide as a result of splitting up with husband Rashid … [Read more...]

How to Use a Murder Victim: The Exploitation of the Aqsa Parvez Tragedy

A recent Toronto Life magazine article regarding Toronto teenager Aqsa Parvez's murder, entitled Girl, Interrupted, has sparked outrage in many circles in Toronto and beyond. And for very good reason. Journalist Mary Rogan has simply perpetuated stereotypes about Muslims, South Asian culture, and immigrant communities.The disrespectful treatment begins with the front cover, where you see a full page picture of Aqsa's face, posing seductively with only a hint of a strap on her bare shoulder. … [Read more...]

Truth or Scare: Raheel Raza’s Fear Mongering

She's at it again. No too long ago Krista covered Raheel Raza's critique of a supposed Islamist* threat in Canada. Well, Raza's published another piece, but this time in the right-wing American Thinker. And this time her claims have become even more questionable, and to be honest a little ludicrous.Now it seems Raza, through her piece in the American Thinker, is trying to warn Americans of the Islamist threat to the north, here in Canada. In the process she has pointed a very damning finger … [Read more...]

Stand Up WITH Muslim Women, Johann

Muslimah Media Watch thanks Thabet for the tip.In Thursday, October 23rd's edition of The Independent, journalist Johann Hari asked the question "Dare we stand up for Muslim women?" Hari (pictured below right), a young British journalist with left leanings and who has defended Muslims against the fear mongering of Canadian right-wing writer Mark Steyn, has presented an interesting and compelling case for the need to better the situation of Muslim women in the world. His examples are … [Read more...]