Dear Pop…

Much has happened since you passed from this plane of existence. I have found another teacher, not to replace you, but to compliment you, and comfort me. He has helped me find my own place of balance my own place on the path. I Jew the lessons that you taught me and they guide me on my own path. There is more Hebrew in my teachings now, that sacred tongue motivates me and teaches me. There are more traditional trappings too, for they fulfill me when I return to re-from, re-state, re-new, re-charge and re-focus. I focus my faith with the lens of Jewish philosophy as you taught me. And I am mesmerized by the mysteries and sit in council with Kabbalah.

How I wish you were here to share in the good conversations. I would love to listen and laugh and learn and argue with you again and especially to be hugged and held by you. But your teachings are with me. They are in my heart and in my mouth and on my hand and between my eyes. They may manifest themselves in different ways but you would recognized them and maybe smile at the stories I tell for they are of you and from you. And Pop, I have reached this point along the path because of you, for above all you taught me to be open, to listen, to learn and to love. You taught me to examine and extract and make the mission mine. This I have tried to do Pop.

Oh, by the way, you would be so proud of your grandchildren. They carry your stories, each in their own way and live them each in their own way as they walk along the path that you laid out for us. Thank you Pop for the path and for teaching that we must all follow the path in our own way.

Your loving son

Jay now known as Rabbi Bahir Davis

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