From Where I Sit – By Reb Bahir

Twitter and tweeting is all the rage nowadays.  I am not sure that I understand it, the mechanics of it.  And I suspect that it might have something to do with our collective A.D.D.  But I thought that I would try it out.  I, of course do not have the technical ability to set one up yet.  I shall have to ask my children to teach me, if indeed, they are not too old.  But in the meantime, I thought this month that I would throw a few out there in this format.

So please assume that we are twitter friends (does this make us ‘twits’?).
Here are a few tweets.

The Oil Spill: I am beginning to feel sorry for BP in the same way I feel sorry for Wiley Coyote as he opens another package from the Acme company.

The Israeli commando raid on the flotilla:

1) The raid was a caricature of  the bold and brilliant raids of the past, when Israel demonstrated dazzling tactics, extraordinary restraint and, oh yes, success.

2)  To all those clamoring to condemn Israel, where was your condemnation at Hamas for its attacks on Israel, its murder of its own citizens and its siphoning of humanitarian funds toward weaponry?

3) It is believed that the flotilla carried 10,000 lbs of aid, less than Israel delivers to Gaza every week.

Spirituality: Talking about spirituality does not make it happen.  Doing it makes it happen.

Religion: Religion is but a tool for seeking spirituality.  But it does no good sitting in the toolbox.

Study: Learning is like climbing a down Escalator.  As long as we keep learning we progress.  When we stop, we don’t simply stay in the same place, we regress.

Bar/t Mitzvah: It’s not the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the beginning.

Talking to G: I once said to Reb Zalman:  “From your mouth to G’s ears!”  With a wistful twinkle in his eye he replied:  “I wish it was the other way around!”

Atheism: I don’t believe in Atheists.  I have never seen any empirical evidence that they exist, only anecdotal.

Names of the Books of the Torah: With a little latitude we could translate the names of the books of Torah as: “By means of a beginning, the names were called into being.”

Thinking outside the Box: No sane person thinks outside the box. It’s just that the wise have a bigger box.

Holidays: There are no Jewish Holidays, we have Holy Days and when done well they become Wholly days.

Frisco Kid: Its still the best American Jewish comedy ever.

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