Week 5 of Counting the Omer, Keep Up!

I really love the Omer... okay, rather, I have a love hate relationship with counting the Omer. I love the spiritual lift I get, but I sometimes get annoyed at one more thing to do before sleep... hence why I need to count the Omer nightly.I use a wonderful book that asks you questions and gives you great thoughts for each day that relates to the sepherot (like the chakras). Here is their online version for week 5 - Meaningful Life. The book is called “Counting the Omer – A … [Read more...]

Protesting with Prayer

A certain so called "church" group was in Denver last weekend. I am not going to mention their name because I do not believe in giving them free publicity to fuel their hate. I was going to go to their protest and all the counter-protests and I was going to video tape it and take pictures for Patheos. And I was going to write about the experience and the hate these people spread. I was really motivated to go and write about it.Of the like 20 places they were going to protest, 15 of them were … [Read more...]

New article on the Shoes at the Danube

Check out my latest article about the memorial of shoes on the Danube river in Budapest.This was one of the places where Raul Wallenberg was desperately trying to save lives.Read it here - Shoes … [Read more...]

The past is getting further and further away…

I remember him so clearly. This older rabbi. Mind you, most of the rabbis in my life are family members but this time it was different. My dad was the rabbi at the Hillel and we were members at Temple Sinai. So for once in my life, "my" rabbi wasn't my dad or grandfather.If I close my eyes, I can see him. I can see the moment that is seared into my memory. I was only 5. That's how strong of an impression he left.I remember that he wore suits all the time. I never saw him take his jacket off … [Read more...]

A Priest Speaks Out

I know this isn't a Jewish article but our resident Catholic priest here at Patheos has written a post about the Catholic Church's latest sex scandal explosion.Mike really gives a good perspective on this horrible situation. I really recommend everyone reads it.Sexual Abuse: Protecting the Church or Killing It? … [Read more...]

Challah Baby… an update

Okay, first of all, if you haven't read Challah Baby (the original) I highly recommend reading it first. Life will make a lot more sense... trust me.It's okay... we'll wait.Back? Oh good.So it has been a little over three months now and no word from my friend. Now in my mind that could mean several things. One: she isn't pregnant, it didn't work and she doesn't want to talk about it. Okay. I won't push. Or two: she is pregnant but holding to the tradition to not talk about it until she is … [Read more...]

Next Year in Jerusalem… or the White House, depends on who you know…

This morning, while my friends at my neighborhood car repair shop were fixing my car to the tune of several hundred dollars (ugh), I sat in Starbucks with my Sunday New York Times.I love the Sunday New York Times. I live in Denver now but I was born in Manhattan to a mother from Queens and no matter where we moved across the US, I always had a soft spot for a Bialy. Anyway, I love the Sunday Styles sections and my favorite way to finish my coffee is with the weddings... I'm not going to lie, … [Read more...]

Shabbat Shalom!

We hope you have a fabulous Shabbis!Check out the weekly Torah portion here - Parshat Tzav - and don't forget to check back each week for the next installment. This is Torah study you are bound to enjoy and you will defintely impress your shabbis table!Gut Shabbis & Shabbat Shalom!-- Talia and the Jewish Portal Team … [Read more...]

The Passover Seder… With The Four Sons…

Check out this awesome G-dCast holiday special video! The four sons explain Passover to us in only the way they can...We love our friends over at G-dCast.More Torah cartoons at www.g-dcast.com … [Read more...]

Centralized Judaism… something like herding cats?

Before coming to Patheos, I thought I was pretty well informed about other religions. I have been to every imaginable church and was even given a Christian study bible by a friend... when I was enrolled in a Christian bible study class. (It was really awesome! They were studying the minor prophets and I had never read that part of the TaNaCH.)And then I met my friends at Patheos. We are a diverse group here... Mormons, Methodist, Protestants, Buddhists, Native Americans... we even created our … [Read more...]