LDS Doctrines: What Stays, What Goes?

Is there a non-negotiable core of beliefs at the heart of the LDS church? Read more

LDS Boundaries: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Is there a place in the LDS church for a member who does not believe in fundamental LDS church teachings? Read more

Why This is So Hard, and Still Worth Doing

John and Patrick take a step back to look at the process, and the challenge, of discourse across the lines. Read more

A Painful Analogy

It’s a common analogy for the Mormon Church among ex-Mormons. But does it help current Mormons understand, or does it get in the way? Read more

Why are Ex-Mormons “So Angry”?

Patrick Mason and John Dehlin explore why strong emotions often surface after separation from the Mormon church. Read more

Is Religious Feeling Manufactured?

John Dehlin and Patrick Mason on whether attributing emotional experience to God is simply about the power of suggestion. Read more

How We Know What We Know

Do we apply the same standards of knowledge to our own treasured beliefs that we do to the beliefs of others? A conversation with John Dehlin and Patrick Mason. Read more

Toward a “Better, Richer Understanding” — Introducing Mormonism Inside and Out

A Mormon scholar in conversation with a prominent ex-communicant of the Mormon church. Read more

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