Asking a Question Anonymously

  1. Click on “comments” under my most recent post. Where it asks for your name you can write in “anonymous”. Your email address will not show on the blog comment page.  Your comment/question will then be posted anonymously for me to answer.
  2. My biggest concern is that members not reach out for help for fear that they will not be able to do so confidentially. I take confidentiality extremely seriously. I am aware that the LDS community in particular can be a small world.
  3. If you receive an answer to your question it would be beneficial for me to know if it was useful to you or not. Please leave me another comment letting me know.
  4. If you are posting a question, a donation will help expediate a posted response. Just email me at to let me know which anonymous question is matched with your donation.  Questions attached to a donation are the only ones guaranteed to be answered.
  5. Why donate?  Creating this blog has been a tremendously rewarding experience. The issues you’ve shared with me and your fellow visitors confirm all over again why I chose this profession. While the issues we discuss are always challenging and sometimes heartbreaking, I’m continually convinced that solutions exist to the relational and individual problems we face. Sometimes the biggest step is simply the first one – sharing.  Like each of my children, this blog is growing rapidly! To date it has been visited by people from all 50 states and over 90 countries. The number of site hits grows each month. Witnessing this growth is thrilling for me. We have truly become a global community!  If your visit to this forum has been helpful I encourage you to make a donation towards helping me keep this blog afloat. Any amount is welcome.
  6. Thank you for your visit!  Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT