Navigating a Faith Crisis in your Marriage Workshop

Natasha Helfer Parker, John Dehlin, and Margi Dehlin will be hosting a 6 hour workshop for current, mixed-faith, and former Mormon couples who are navigating faith issues, parenting, and sexuality in either a mixed-faith, post-orthodox, or a post-Mormon context.  Couples and individuals are welcome to attend, but the content will be oriented towards helping married couples deal with faith transition issues. Location: Logan, UT Date: Sunday, August 3rd Time: 9am to 5pm Price: $300/couple. … [Read more...]

Clergy or Family Sex Abuse Study

Current study being done out of Nova Southeastern University comparing effects of clergy sexual abuse to incest.  These are very difficult issues for those who have lived through them - if you think it might be helpful to your healing process to participate in such a study, please follow the link below.  Feel free to pass the link along to others. Clergy Sex Abuse Study Most of the research on clergy sex abuse has been from the perspective of the abusers. Very little is currently known about t … [Read more...]

Common Sex Taboos within a Mormon Marriage Workshop

Common Sex Taboos within a Mormon Marriage Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT and Alisha Worthington Tuesday, July 29, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)Salt Lake City, UTTicket InformationRegistration per person: $35Event DetailsNatasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT and Alisha Worthington will broach common taboo sexual topics many LDS couples do not know how to discuss or bring up within their relationships.  There are many sexual messages found … [Read more...]

The Mormon Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Mormon Mental Health AssociationFIRST ANNUAL CONFERENCEour first annual conference is around the corner - please help spread the word! The Mormon Mental Health Association (MMHA) is excited to announce their first annual conference in Salt Lake City Utah, July 31st from 6:00-9:00pm. Come join with other clinicians, educators and advocates working with the Mormon population to learn, network and collaborate. Our keynote speakers will be Dr. Jennifer Finalyson-Fife, PhD and Dr. … [Read more...]

Is gender inequality bad for mental health?

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Mormon community here.  I know this is a difficult subject to dialogue about in our current state within Mormonism – where things can seem pretty polarized in light of the recent excommunication of Kate Kelly.  However, I think this is an important question for all of us to consider.  And whether or not the answer at the end of the day is women’s ord … [Read more...]

Room For All In This Church

This is a statement many of us who are involved on the Mormon-themed internet have come up with in response to the possible disciplinary actions facing Kate Kelly and John Dehlin.  We face a difficult and pivotal moment in Mormonism as LDS leaders and church members wrestle more openly with complicated aspects of our faith, its doctrine, and its history—often in spaces afforded by the Internet. In light of possible disciplinary action against prominent voices among us, we the undersigned Morm … [Read more...]

Differentiate: not Excommunicate!!

Today I received the news that both a brother and sister of my church community are being threatened with the process of excommunication.  The reason stated: apostasy.Attempting to put aside my own personal feelings of sadness, confusion and distress, I would like to address this issue from the lens of family systems.  After all, a central part of Mormonism is this concept of a universal family – all being seen as children of God.  In fact we call our congregations “ward families.”  And we ar … [Read more...]

Study on LDS Body Image

A current study being done around body image and garment use for those who identify or have at some point identified as Mormon.  Please take the time to participate. Mormons, Garments and Body Image … [Read more...]

Sexuality Workshop in New York

For those of you who might be in the New York area:Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife will be giving two presentations on marital sexuality.  She's an excellent presenter and I highly recommend her workshops. Get more information on her blog.Women's Sexuality Workshop Come and learn about the art of desire ---(a key aspect of our strength and authenticity as women)--and how our capacity for and comfort with desire relates to our sexual selves.  This workshop will explore elements of our LDS c … [Read more...]

My toddler is touching his rectum. Is this normal?

I found your blog and hoped to have you ease my mind. My son is struggling in day care and screams historically.  I hate that he is even in daycare so this is hard for me to begin with. But now he has started steering his finger into his rectum every time I take his diaper off. Is this normal? It's so disgusting as a parent.  He tries to insert his finger every time and then he jumps and acts weird. Like a response to the sensation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.It sounds like your … [Read more...]