Fitra: Original Virtue Not Original Sin

During Prophet Muhammad’s night journey and ascension the Angel Gabriel brought him a vessel of wine and a vessel of milk and he was made to choose. He chose milk, to which Gabriel said, “You have chosen Fitra.” Common definitions of Fitra include, “innate predisposition” or “primordial nature.” This event occurred during the Meccan period before any prohibition of alcohol. So, we know that part of choosing Fitra is conformity to an inclination toward right action we have prior to instruction. It … [Read more...]

Why Palestine Needs Bitcoin

Did you know  that the common currency in most of Palestine is the Israeli shekel, controlled by interest rates from  the Bank of Israel. Mortal enemies locked in a multi-generational blood feud that has produced that world’s largest open air prison and Palestinians still allow Israel to dictate their finances. Activists the world over advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the Zionist occupying government, so why are Palestinians still using their money? Probably because there was n … [Read more...]

My Political Agnosticism Part III: Condemning Terrorism

In Part I I talked about my political awakening, specifically how I became enamored with Ron Paul and political libertarianism. I also explained the definition of government accepted by most political scientists today, and its origins in German fascism.In Part II we examined the question, If we know that a monopoly is economically undesirable, and we know that violence is morally undesirable, why is a violent monopoly desirable at all?Today I want us to talk about condemning terrorism, … [Read more...]

My Political Agnosticism: Part II: Monopoly on Violence

In Part I we discussed an interview when Obama told the Military Times editorial board that, "what essentially sets a nation-state apart (from the private sector), is a monopoly on violence." The phrase originates from German sociologist Max Weber's definition of government, “that entity which claims a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence in a given area.” Today we'll examine the question, If we know that a monopoly is economically undesirable, and we know that violence is morally und … [Read more...]

My political agnosticism: Part I: Origins

I was a precocious child raised by a liberal mother and a conservative father. I still recall the first time I was ever asked my political opinion in a second grade social studies class. We were conducting a mock election, and were told to choose a political affiliation. I was told that Republicans believe things should stay the same, and Democrats believe things should be changed. It is a biased over simplification, but I chose the Democrat Party because as bad as things were, any change seemed … [Read more...]