the nonsense comments on the CNN post about me and 4 other women in religion


Yesterday I was featured on the CNN website along with 4 other women in a post called “5 Women in Religion to Watch

I am usually not a big comment reader.  I read them here on Sarcastic Lutheran, but when I write for God’s Politics or when an interview with me is published on-line I tend to stay away.  If the comments are of the “Oh I just think you are so great” variety I am tempted to think too highly of myself and if they are of the “you are a heretic and a blasphemer and should remain silent in church like God told you to”  variety then I am tempted to punch someone in the throat.  Neither of these options is terribly healthy.

But yesterday I became fascinated with the bizarre comment threads and wanted to share with you some of the better ones because in the end it all began to sound like the end of a “So…a Biblical literalist and a raving atheist walk into a bar…” joke.


*Perhaps they (the 5 of us women who the story was about) deserve the chains they seem to want to embrace.

*If these women continue to ignore the Lord’s command, he will treat them like he did the daughters of Zion in Isaiah 3:18 and take away all their jewelery,fine clothes, makeup, and mirrors. He’ll make them bald and rotten smelling before killing all of the men they care about.

*All this article tells me is that women can be as self-delusion as men when it comes to matters of religion. Big deal. I suppose it is somewhat noteworthy that women can be so supportive to such an oppression that religion has women. In which case I would be wary of their motives.

*Seriously. A feminist, an emergant church blasphemer, a Tebow fan, and a historian are the best the church has to offer anymore. Christianity will get what is deserves. Come Lord Jesus come.

*Any woman who would raise their daughter under the oppresion of Abrahamic faith is one LOUSY mother

*Five nobodies wasting thier lives in service to a delusion. Why watch that? There are many women with far more interesting lives and contributions to watch

*No wonder religion is dying. Put women in charge of anything and watch it fall apart…


In the end it made me sad a) that this was such clear woman-hating and b) that Atheists and conservative Christians would be represented in such a hateful way by the commenters on the blog.  I know Atheists and conservative Christians who are loving and level-headed and who teach me things I would never learn from my fellow progressive Christians.  I don’t agree with either group, but I yesterday I was offended on their behalf.

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