Parking Day Eucharist

Tomorrow (Friday Sept 21st) House for All Sinners and Saints will be participating in Parking Day , a day when the people take over metered parking spaces as community space. We will be holding a Eucharist at 8a, noon, and 4:30. Please check Twitter and Facebook for exact locations 30 minutes in advance. (downtown Denver or close by)

Also, I might add, I had about nothing to do with this. My parishioner, Rick Strandloff found out about parking day and suggested we hold Eucharist. Then my intern, Alex Raabe collected all the fabulous things from church we will need to pull this off and will bring them himself. I’m showing up and presiding. I often fear that people think I am behind all the things we do at HFASS at that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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