Christianity, Disney and A Better Way Forward

The body of Christ continues to need a reasoned and consistent response to the reality of homosexuality in our culture and society. The hand-wringing surrounding Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the latest example of this glaring need. Pastors and leaders, your people do not need you to join the culture war, they need you to shepherd [Read More…]

Five Ways to Love your LGBT Family During the Holidays

Christmas has always been an amazing season in my home. Growing up, I remember waiting for Christmas with intense excitement. Sure, much of that had to do with the latest gift I was anticipating, but as I have grown and have a family of my own, I realize that a deep sense of family and [Read More…]

Dad I’m Gay: What I Would Say To My Child

My effort is to offer solutions instead of simply offering disagreement. Yesterday I addressed how difficult it is to gain clarity on same-sex relationships and my belief that Jen Hatmaker’s statements represent a shift in her thinking away from a difficult but important space to operate in the body of Christ (we have articulated this [Read More…]

The Increasing Difficulty of Clarity on Same-Sex Relationships

As I write this article, my heart grieves! I have interacted with some friends and ministry leaders yesterday and today regarding the Church, the LGBT community, and the increasingly difficult space of loving well with clarity and conviction. Casey and I started the Identify Network out of a conviction and deeply personal belief that the [Read More…]

Jesus and Rejection in Places you Never Expected

  Change is difficult even for those who do it often. When change involves your faith traditions and convictions, the hope you find can be crushed by the weight of disappointment and rejection. Anyone who has walked this road understands this and I know that many who read this post do understand, but I know my [Read More…]

Evangelical Leaders and the Whitewashing of History

We cannot hide from the drumbeat of justice that runs through the scriptures we hold out as true! There is a very real social justice thread in God’s word. The problem is that many have sought the implementation of this justice apart from the Gospel or to the exclusion of biblical truth. Unfortunately, incomplete justice has [Read More…]

Republican Vision and the Harmful Support for Reparative Therapy

Today marks the beginning of the Republican (GOP) Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and the next phase of this protracted election season. There are many reasons that America will tune in and tune out of convention coverage in the coming weeks. Many of us are hopeful and seemingly more feel as gnawing sense of hopelessness, at [Read More…]

Social Justice, Race, and the Christian

“Good faith does not prioritize relationship with God over and against relationships with one another. It reveals relationship with God in relationship with others.” -Gabe Lyons and Dan Kinnaman in Good Faith (2016) “They (White America) are in effect still trapped in a history that they do not understand; and until they understand it, they [Read More…]

My Neighbor is Gay?

Jesus told a story once, one that was particularly hard for the Jews of the day to hear. The situation was pretty clear and what to do seems clearer. Who among us would ignore the clear need of someone beaten and left for dead on the side of the road? The truth is, it happens [Read More…]

The Gospel Pursues Justice and So Should We: Loving our LGBT Neighbors

In the wake of Orlando I find myself asking; Is dialogue is possible? Can we stop talking past each other and help? Can evangelicals hope to recover from a reputation mostly earned by decades of silence and harmful treatment? The answers to these questions are…Maybe. There is a temptation to say no because of the [Read More…]