Lughnasa: Bad Harvest

[W]e look toward Lughnasa, the traditional Celtic celebration of the harvest…my mind turns toward what we as a nation are reaping from our history. [Read more…]

Conflict & Apology

I’d rather be right than be loving, or even be loved. I’m wishing I didn’t have to admit that… [Read more…]

Is the Candle Still Burning?

[O]ne of the central symbols of Unitarian Universalism and many Pagan traditions: the circle. Our flaming chalice is often ensconced in circles, the youth practice “circle worship,” and when we draw from the wisdom of earth-centered traditions, we find ourselves entering deeper into this sacred symbol. [Read more…]

Epictetus – On Planning

Forget about controlling what happens; learn to wish that everything that happens happens just as it happens. Then . . . all will go exactly as planned. [Read more…]

Some Serious Magic

The demon machine that has been created has taken on a life of it’s own. We need some powerful magic to banish the demon and restore justice, peace, and love. [Read more…]

The Paganism of Pokémon

this article is something of a pagan-friendly primer for those of you who may be scratching your heads, wondering what the phenomenon all about. [Read more…]

Sirius Rising

We are not, as many think, the place where you can believe anything, but rather the place where your own personal beliefs, whatever they are, must tempered by the understanding that we are part of a congregational, a local, a regional, a national, and a global community, all at the same time, and that we are working towards something that brings compassion, healing, and nourishment to the multiverse. [Read more…]

Scientists Discover Life’s Common Ancestor, An Ancient Living Ocean

[W]hat if science uncovered evidence that these ancient creation stories might just have gotten some of the facts right after all? [Read more…]

A Pagan National Pastime

An identifying feature of Sumo…is that each bout starts with a ritual – and I’m not talking about tossing out a ‘ceremonial’ first pitch, but an actual religious ceremony. [Read more…]

Seneca from “On Tranquility”

[J]ust as some wounds love being prodded, just so minds that love toil and trouble find pleasure there. [Read more…]