The Birth of Fire – A History of Imbolc Traditions

Imbolc was an incredibly important holiday to the ancient Gaels, and it inspired a large body of tradition that existed well into the modern era. Because of its strong lineage and ancient roots, the surviving folk traditions around Saint Brigid’s Day has formed the basis for Modern Pagan Imbolc practices.
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Pagan, Heal Thyself

Below is a ritual for healing. You will notice that the focus is on simplicity, introspection, and self-pampering. [Read more…]

Henotheism: Mine, Yours, and Ours

Henotheism, my devotion not obviating my respect for yours, is something Unitarian Universalism is uniquely positioned to embrace. And we should do so. [Read more…]

What We Love Can Be Saved

The following ritual is for social justice warriors AND for people of conscience who have never used the words “social justice” before. As we act, we need to find the source of our strength. As we act we each need to become more clear to whom we wish to be accountable. As we start the work we need to know which work is our work. [Read more…]

Frost and Stone: Grounding Energy in Winter’s Dark

Alison Leigh Lilly decides it’s time for an Imbolc ritual, “The whole world seems to be cold fire and frenzied air.
This won’t do.” [Read more…]

The Courage of Creativity

When we actively work to create ourselves, we not only love ourselves into being, but we also put into ourselves that which has been given to us from those in our community. [Read more…]

What Would You Ask a UUA President Candidate?

What question would you ask the future President of the Unitarian Universalist Association? [Read more…]

Rituals For Restoring Balance

Another part of the work of restoring balance comes in the stories we tell and the rituals we perform. [Read more…]

Top Ten Posts from 2016

Trying times can create some great writing. Here are ten ‘2016 vintage’ articles from Nature’s Path which appealed to our readers. [Read more…]

Amaterasu Emerges—Here Comes the Sun

This can be a year when we deeply appreciate one another and the many diverse life forms on this beautiful green-blue planet, the sacred Earth. [Read more…]