Gaia II

The beaver, the otter, the deer, the horned owl have enough sense to lie down and die enriching the earth with their bones, devoting their flesh to carrion Read more

As Long as the Sun Shines, the Grass Grows, and the Rivers Flow

What is in your cosmology that connects you to the children in your life, to all the children of the world, and leads you to make decisions for their future as much are your own? Read more

A Minor Deity

we forget that a significant percentage of humans today still live in a world where many deities live close at hand Read more

Speaking Only Truth

In the branch of witchcraft in which I practice, we believe … that what we speak into the world has a life and a force that can have extraordinary power to it. Read more

Living Like a Tree

When I’m feeling like my heart and spirit are not getting nourished, I turn my attention to my roots. When I feel disconnected from my life-mission I turn my attention to opening my heart and my spiritual branches. Read more

Psyche and Eros

What can we mortals do when the Gods are fighting and we ourselves have become the battlefield? Read more

They Change Everything They Touch….

I am reminded that all we can ever expect in the world is change. She/He/They change everything they touch! Read more

Passion versus Balance

Even when we love what we do so much that it provides us with a sense of meaning, purpose, connection, it may still benefit us to take stock of the balance in our lives. Read more

Aren’t We All Dreamers?

In order to find Balance, we have to get deeply involved in the emotional underpinnings of what is happening on this planet. Read more

Lighting the Chalice and Turning the Wheel

I found the ceremony of putting a single flame into a bowl to mark the beginning of the service and then extinguishing it to mark the end a timeless and comforting ritual that seemed to say, “…this is what church was always meant to be.” Read more

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