One of the strengths of the United States is its diversity which extends to appreciating a variety of religious and social customs. Just as Nature thrives in multiplicity, we too are enriched by diversity. Read more

We as UUs on this land cannot, in good conscience, use learning from the indigenous peoples among us, both within our UU communities and those outside of it, if we are also not committed to their freedom from oppression. Read more

The UUA has recently committed to undoing ableist language. Now is a good time to take a look at the language we use in daily life, as well as our liturgy to see if it lives up to our commitments. Read more

I serve the herald of the gods, and if I’m holding my breath, I can’t speak the messages that are given to me to speak to the world. Read more

And so on the eve of Imbolc, on the 50th anniversary of the birth of my firstborn, Brigid bids me remind you that all life is blessed, however short or long, however delightful or painful, of whatever species or station. The purpose of life is to live it. Read more

DNA evidence reaffirming aspects of the research of Prof. Gimbutas invites us to revisit ancient woman-honoring societies and the resurgence of the Women’s Movement both promote action to reclaim the sacred nature of all creation and women’s right to fully participate in all areas of social life. Read more

My goal as group facilitator is not just to produce pagan rituals for our members, but to give each of our members the opportunity to feel as important and worthy to the group as I feel. Read more

My many attempts at daily spiritual practice have often faltered. What would happen if I got really serious about it for a year? Read more

We are the heart and lungs, we are the eyeballs, throat, ears and even the Achilles’ tendon of god, all the parts, even the ones that are often overlooked, are parts of the divine body. The queer, disabled, rich, unhoused, immigrant, elder, type A, messy, imperfect folks are part of this body. We are how God acts on earth. Read more

YouTube is home to a growing number of Unitarian Universalist Pagan and Earth-Centered videos. Here are a few that were produced in December. Read more

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