After The Teach-In

Maggie Beaumont shares her impressions of the recent White Supremacy Teach In that two thirds of all UU Congregations participated in. [Read more…]

a translation of Epictetus from The Enchiridion

What happens when you try to take power over what you have no power over?—Can you say “frustration”? [Read more…]

From Camp Fire Girl to Earth-Relating UU Minister

My earth-relating/gods-relating spirituality is rooted in my experience as a “Camp Fire Girl.” [Read more…]

The Art of Living

The art of living is more like the art of the wrestler than the art of the dancer. [Read more…]

A Sea Change

I would argue that Unitarian Universalism is richer and deeper and more meaningful for the voice of Pagans among us…So, what might be possible together if we got serious about dismantling racism among us and in our institutions? [Read more…]

Second Initiation

nothing in the real world today, even as scary as it sometimes is, matches the challenges I can give myself. And nothing takes away the sacred beauty of this life I am living. [Read more…]

Give Me Life

When the earthquake is done
We get to return to life [Read more…]

Marcus Aurelius: Fairly close is not bad

when you think about the benefits of understanding and knowledge, isn’t is clear that wisdom is the way to go? [Read more…]

The Well-being of Gardening

[U]se the season of Beltane, the season of growth, to cultivate your own garden – both literally and figuratively. Search for seeds that you can nurture and tend in an effort to increase your own well-being and happiness. [Read more…]

Celebrating Earth

Our sacred duty, then, as expressed in our seventh principle “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” beckons us to find our voices and honor the elements, with the element Earth being one of the four keystones. [Read more…]