Summer Haiku

Allison Ehrman writes about how the Japanese can evoke a whole sense of season with just a keyword or two. A practice that makes the art of haiku possible. [Read more…]

Cupcakes and Our First Source

John Cooper writes about forgiveness and finding God at the park. [Read more…]

Marcus Aurelius: Advice About Dying

Let’s decide to be content while we are dying. Let’s think: “OK, I’m out of here!” [Read more…]

Celebrating Fire

May you enjoy this time of the Longest Day and appreciate the power and possibilities of the Element Fire! [Read more…]

On Ordination

I asked our CUUPS chapter, Chalice Fire, to charge the congregation’s gift to me — a ministerial stole — with energy at the Full Moon Drum Circle that took place before the ordination. [Read more…]

Grappling with White Supremacy in our Organizations

We can create resilient, aware, communities that nurture justice, respect those who are marginalized and oppressed, especially People of Color and Indigenous People and help transform our world. [Read more…]

True Will and Public Policy

With our government pulling back from a commitment to the survival of our planet and the health of the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part, what is our Will in how to respond? [Read more…]

A Meditation

Today we share a sample meditation from an early issue of Pagan NUUS, the CUUPS Newsletter. [Read more…]

from Epictetus’s Handbook

David Breeden’s translation of where Epictetus was writing about the difference between the average person and a philosopher. [Read more…]

Questions to a Future UUA President: How Would You Foster Multi-Faith Efforts?

Our most popular topic – the challenge of bringing people of different theologies and world-views into conversation. [Read more…]