Thankful for the Infinite that Holds Us

Earth, Air, Fire, Water… and broken Spirits. Elemental destruction and brokenness. We are small and the brokenness is immense. Read more

Fox Steals the Dark – a Story for Winter

We still love the light. It has a beauty of its own. Though light without darkness is lethal, we know that we cannot survive without the light. But we love the darkness, too. Love it with all the awe our hearts can hold. Read more

The Mutability of Modern Society

I didn’t [used to] believe in magic, nor in anything I couldn’t see or touch – and now I talk often with invisible friends and guides, spend at least a few minutes almost every day in a state of trance, and use magic and divination on a regular basis. Read more

Lighthouse Lessons in Gratitude

In earth-centered spirituality we seek balance but also acknowledge the power and worth of changes. By valuing the beauty and support in difficult event, we grow into more adaptability, gaining the power to synthesize the wisdom life gives us. Read more

The Deer In The Window

She moved slowly, unsurely, clearly disoriented by the trappings of humanity around her. But neither did she run away, even as she caught sight of our movements in the window. We were all transfixed by her, this unexpected visitor to our ministry. Read more

Samhain Blessings

The song she sang with her life and her death continues to enrich my life. Each ancestor’s life, AND their death, created not just memories, but joy and sadness, love and wonder. Read more

Free and Responsible Truth and Meaning

A free search for meaning means that we are free to find and to use the stories that help us, whatever those might be for us. A responsible search for meaning means that we are constantly looking for the stories that will help us to be the people we want to be, the stories that will help us to live our promises and our Principles ever more fully. Read more

Creating Wild and Urban Sanctuaries

We have learned that trees, wild creatures, humans and pets who all live together in the path of the fire, wind, moving earth and water, and those who live in fear of persecution are intertwined. Read more

Piercing the Veil of Grief and Loss

There is no right way to grieve; there is no right way to heal from childhood trauma. If you are experiencing a difficult time this Samhain, please know you are not alone. Read more


Water your grief with your tears, and wait for the fire to slow and shrink. Notice that the earth is all around you, and beneath you, inviting you in. Read more

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