For the past 12 weeks, I have been engaged in looking at what health, not just for me personally, but for the groups and organizations which I am involved in. Read more

To give voice to my concern about these delicate systems so vital to life, I wrote the poem, “Amaterasu,” in which I call upon the Japanese sun goddess to hide her face. Why? Because scientists say that global warming is the chief, although not the only, threat to these stunningly beautiful “protein factories of the world,” so-named by the American nonprofit, Conservation International. Read more

Sometimes, something in our life that is preventing us being our whole selves can be integrated, can be healed, if we are willing to shift ourselves into a new place, a new perspective, a new location in the larger system we inhabit. Read more

Erica Baron gives us with a retelling of the final part of the Persephone myth in script form. Read more

If we practiced this embrace of both/and, perhaps things that seem to be irreconcilable could co-exist with one another. We would appreciate the value each side brings. Read more

My thoughts scatter like Autumn leaves, but new ones bud at once – just as if it was Spring in my thoughts, now, too. Read more

I’m not a scientist, and I have no pull with worldwide organizations that can make a perceptive difference. I’m a poet, so I wrote a poem about Beidler Forest and a book of poems about Mother Earth and the challenges she faces. Read more

I know that the earth teaches us of a cosmology that is about cycles. One cannot have the rebirth of spring, coming soon to those of us in the northern hemisphere, without the dark of winter. One cannot reap the harvest of autumn, coming soon to those of us in the southern hemisphere, without the light of summer. The light and the dark define each other. Read more

By the time I arrive in Hospice for myself, everyone around me will have heard a lot about what I want — because I keep talking and teaching about it. Read more

Every year we travel around the South Western United States. I preach each Sunday at a different UU congregation, offering retreats, and meeting with folks for Spiritual mentoring. This post is about Sekmet and golden hour in the Nevada desert. Read more

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