I know that the earth teaches us of a cosmology that is about cycles. One cannot have the rebirth of spring, coming soon to those of us in the northern hemisphere, without the dark of winter. One cannot reap the harvest of autumn, coming soon to those of us in the southern hemisphere, without the light of summer. The light and the dark define each other. Read more

By the time I arrive in Hospice for myself, everyone around me will have heard a lot about what I want — because I keep talking and teaching about it. Read more

Every year we travel around the South Western United States. I preach each Sunday at a different UU congregation, offering retreats, and meeting with folks for Spiritual mentoring. This post is about Sekmet and golden hour in the Nevada desert. Read more

As a Unitarian Universalist, I know that the theism part cannot be assumed.  Many Unitarian Universalists are self-described atheists or agnostics.  As a Pagan, I know that the mono part also cannot be assumed. Divinity as I experience it comes in specific forms with specific names and individual personalities.  Read more

The work does not end once we say “And, as I will it, so mote it be”. Thoughts, prayers and spells are not enough to effect the change we need to bend this reality…. We as magickal practitioners must follow through with action, passivity is not a friend to facilitating this change. Read more

One of the strengths of the United States is its diversity which extends to appreciating a variety of religious and social customs. Just as Nature thrives in multiplicity, we too are enriched by diversity. Read more

We as UUs on this land cannot, in good conscience, use learning from the indigenous peoples among us, both within our UU communities and those outside of it, if we are also not committed to their freedom from oppression. Read more

The UUA has recently committed to undoing ableist language. Now is a good time to take a look at the language we use in daily life, as well as our liturgy to see if it lives up to our commitments. Read more

I serve the herald of the gods, and if I’m holding my breath, I can’t speak the messages that are given to me to speak to the world. Read more

And so on the eve of Imbolc, on the 50th anniversary of the birth of my firstborn, Brigid bids me remind you that all life is blessed, however short or long, however delightful or painful, of whatever species or station. The purpose of life is to live it. Read more

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