Hello? Is this thing on? One two, one two…

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational blog!

Seriously, we’ve got some good people lined up for this thing, and the programmers just threw the final switch on a Friday night, and went home. I’m sure we have some bugs to iron out.

Several people, including me, will be blogging about the Old Testament and teaching Gospel Doctrine class. Lined up in that regard are David Bokovoy and Poor Rustic, both advanced PhDs in Bible with lots of teaching experience.

We’re trying to be well-rounded, so we also have people well experienced in interfaith dialogue (Protestant, Catholic, and Islamic), culture, law, politics, current events, books, Church history and doctrine, parenting, etc. It’s a good lineup.

Please note as well, that the blog is accompanied by a portal redesign, with a news feed, archive, a set of rotating featured articles (which will be added to, separate from the blog), a Youtube list, and some other things.

And like the Death Star, we may not look completely operational yet, but we’re working on it.

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