Door to Door Atheist Visits Utah

What if atheists come knocking?  A classic video.

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[Mild language warning]

  • Chris H.

    Didn’t expect to see this here.


  • Mark B.

    How many years old is that video? What makes it newsworthy today?

  • Tina

    This is hardly uplifting. In fact, quite the contrary. In the scriptures, many men were commanded to preach God’s word to the people. In the scriptures, some believed and became great prophets like Alma. Many others were angered and therefore imprisoned and murdered the messenger of God. In recent times, Joseph Smith was one of those. To show this video, is to suggest that perhaps we should be more considerate of others and not do door to door. Missionaries do not go out in the spirit of hatred and contention knocking on doors as these contentious men did. We fear God more than man. We try to make sure that everyone has a chance to accept or reject the gospel. Above all, just as Abinadi, we do as God commands us. I am disappointed to see something of this nature here.

  • charlie

    Tina, I found the video very funny and don’t think there’s a spirit of “hatred and contention” involved. The guy who did it is a comedian… It offers an interesting perspective when the tables are turned and an atheist goes knocking door to door… interesting to notice how he wasn’t always treated very well.

  • Chad

    I think the point was that he didn’t want to be disturbed before noon…. He actually states that it’s fine to knock on the door — just in the afternoon.