Coming Soon…exclusively at Patheos… A “Future of Mormonism” Extravaganza

Thanks to Jana Riess for posting an interview at her “Flunking Sainthood” blog about our Gospel Doctrine Podcast!

Remember to tune in next week for our Future of Mormonism series… an exclusive series of essays from many of the leading voices on Mormonism — part of our summer series on the Future of Religion.

Contributors next week include:

Kristine Haglund, Brian Hales, Neylan McBaine, Grant Hardy, Richard Livingston, Reese Dixon, Blake Ostler, Boyd Peterson, Aaron Reeves, Armand Mauss, and others, including two special guests.

  • Jared

    I’ve really enjoyed the Future of Mormonism series! Congrats on the thoughtful work from your team.

    At some juncture, it would be great to hear the Patheos perspective on the ways that new media is affecting the church at large, particularly as it relates to church members extra-institutional efforts to share the LDS experience through emerging technologies.

    Full disclosure: I’m the producer of The Book of Jer3miah, a fictional LDS web series that has found surprising accolades among the mainstream media, including the NY Times. I’d love to hear the Patheos view on our show, as well as about other similar efforts (I’m sure there are others…) and how they’re reaching beyond the insititutional media produced by the church.