Some Pagan Thoughts on Mormonism

As I run the Mormon Portal, Star Foster runs the Pagan Portal here at Patheos. Yes, we have a Pagan Portal, as well as Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Evangelical, etc. (Go to the main page and click on Religion Portals to explore a bit.) She’s been putting up thoughts about whichever religious tradition is the weekly focus of our Future of Religion series. She recently posted 13 Things I Like about Mormons.
While some of her examples (such as polygamy) might make us say “well, maybe, but…,” or quibble in other ways (Alma in my view is unlikely to be Latin) it’s a great example of looking for the positive in religious traditions outside of one’s own. Krister Stendahl called it Holy Envy. Not everyone is so secure within their own faith that they are willing the recognize the good elsewhere. Check it out.

  • James

    I thought this was an interesting line, in her comments about “Big Love”:

    “After each episode I find myself Googling LDS terms because I know the show is fictional and I want the truth. Bill Henrickson and his family has spurred more curiosity in me about Mormonism than years of seeing those Book of Mormon commercials on tv.”

  • Rameumptom

    Given Jello is only a major LDS topic within Utah, I’m not sure why it made the list.

    Also, given that LDS are one of the few Christian groups that would agree that most Pagans will be saved in (a) heaven, you’d think that would have made her list, as well.