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Gospel Doctrine Podcast #35- Amos

This podcast is long delayed and the first podcast on Isaiah has been written already. Various things have prevented me from posting it so far. General Conference this weekend gives me a chance to catch up, so I'll try to post several podcasts in the next 7 days.[audio:]Right-click here to save mp3TranscriptNotes to follow later. Look for a (u) in the title (for "updated".) … [Read more...]

The Deseret News as the Church’s political voice?

The New York Times ran an article last Sunday titled "Mormon-Owned Paper Stands With Immigrants." It described how the Deseret News' often sympathetic writing about illegal immigrants has incurred the wrath of it's "conservative, mostly Mormon, readers." The article claims that any editorial the paper runs carries the Church's unofficial seal of approval and hence has the power to shape opinions in the largely Mormon Utah legislature, which could be particularly important right now since the … [Read more...]

Status Update: I’m an individual…please don’t shun me

If you're keeping up with the latest debates in LDS pop culture, you've probably come across some discussion over the new site.  It's fantastically imagined and executed--an amazing leap away from the stogy PR of the past and a clear leap into the iFuture, if you will.  I've found the stories on it personally moving and uplifting in so many ways, especially those featuring women.  Here I'm told about mayors, dentists, non-profit humanitarians, journalists, artists, doctors, lawyers, an … [Read more...]

“How long have you been eighteen?” “Fifteen years”- Local Mormon vampires

A friend of mine wrote and acted in this, and it won a local LDS video contest. It's got some New York insider jokes and references (Duck Beach is a non-Church-sponsored "Mormon Spring Break" for example.) Plus it has my cousin Colette in it.When it came out, I'd been thinking about vampires and Mormons, and recruited Heidi Harris to write this great bit on Mormon vampires. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast 34- Hosea

Edit: Some people are reporting errors, for others it's working. Please leave a comment or send me an email with the error message so we can get it fixed. If the links below don't work, try downloading from this alternate link.[audio:](Right-click and save here to download.)Opening clip: Loreena McKennit, "Marco Polo."Transcript Notes and references … [Read more...]

Responses and follow-ups to KLS on teaching sexuality (updated)

Lots of people have read Kathryn Soper's excellent article on teaching sexuality to the youth (particularly the young women) in the last few days. In fact, it's the highest-viewed article at Patheos in the last week, in spite of being posted on Wednesday.Several blogs have posted their own responses or lengthy comments, and I think those are worth linking to. I'll update this as more links appear in our googleanalytics page. … [Read more...]

Jonah- the Insufficiency of the New Testament Argument

Other than tradition that Jonah is historical, there is the New Testament argument. This argument is fairly common and made by non-LDS as well as LDS, but on examination, I think it's insufficient to prove what its proponents claim. This also applies, by the way, to Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt (Luke 17:32), and Job (D&C 121:10).What's really at stake here? Not much, I think, but perhaps an opportunity to break down a wall. Most often, I've seen the New Testament argument used … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast 33- Jonah (u)

[audio: ](Right-click and save here to download.)Openining clip: Loreena McKennit, "Marco Polo."Transcript (I ad libbed a bit more this time.)Notes and references: … [Read more...]

“When the Bishop called and asked me to upload my talk last week…”

The Church is moving pretty quickly on new tech. New with snazzy maps and picture uploading. New LEED-certified meetinghouses. But I want an "iPulpit" :) This is a real product from Little Mountain Productions, and they call it the iPodium. I don't care so much what it's called. iWantOne (but don't even own an iPad and probably won't for the foreseeable future.) I could give my talk AND control some nice overheads onto the screen behind me at Church. Seriously, if we can have visuals in … [Read more...]

Not a smidge o’ pink here!

The LDS church, if you're new to its intricacies, has a series of programs set up for children and youth to participate in and advance through.  For the boys, this is Boy Scouts.  For the girls, this is Achievement Days for the 8-11 year-olds and Personal Progress for the teens.This year, a new Personal Progress book was released with a smattering of updates.  I believe that the awards were even upped a notch.  Whereas before, a young woman received a necklace medallion for completing various s … [Read more...]