Responses and follow-ups to KLS on teaching sexuality (updated)

Lots of people have read Kathryn Soper’s excellent article on teaching sexuality to the youth (particularly the young women) in the last few days. In fact, it’s the highest-viewed article at Patheos in the last week, in spite of being posted on Wednesday.

Several blogs have posted their own responses or lengthy comments, and I think those are worth linking to. I’ll update this as more links appear in our googleanalytics page.

1) At Beginnings New, a great blog focused on the Young Women’s program, the author praises and incorporates several ideas from it into her lesson on “Maintaining Chastity through Righteous Living”, but thinks the Temple needed to be a major focus. Link.

2) Light Refreshments (which I haven’t seen before) also praises the article, and has suggestions on how to help young women feel empowered in non-sexual ways. “How [Young] Women can Gain Power

3) Atomic Soup (which I also haven’t seen before) is written by a high-school teacher who sees this kind of thing often. She offers some further ideas on teaching sexuality to children and youth. “The Power of Virtue

4) EP at Scholaristas has had different experiences than KLS. She says, “I know it all doesn’t fit into simple binary categories, but let me get to my final questions. What DO men really want? And how can women give it to them without sacrificing their integrity or their authenticity?” What Do Men Want?

5) Marintha at Segullah offers some thoughts and analysis. Teaching Sexuality to the Young Women

  • Christy

    Thanks for the links.

  • emily angela

    This artic;e has touched me like no other has. I have pondered on this subject for years. I am a middle school counselor, mother of nine year old adopted from India and a woman who has had the benefit and problems associated with being attractive and smart. Love you, and thanks!

  • Kristin Paton

    I liked this. Thanks for the links too. (I came here via cjane’s link) This feels so true to me. I hated being taught about sexuality in the youth program because it made me feel that it was somehow all about the young men around me and not me. (I had to be careful what I wore/did/said so that they wouldn’t be enticed. I felt like someone should talk to them about them, not me. I felt shortchanged I think, because surely there was something in this for me ultimately. In the right place, at the right time……) I was taught to keep an eye on the temple and that was where I was sealed for eternity, but 27 years and 8 children later I know this approach doesn’t work for everyone and we should be teaching leaders to do this better. I loved Elder M. Russell Ballard’s talk in April conference this year. There are resources for doing it better. The leaders just have to think and then change.

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