Upload Your Own Darn Pictures to the Ward Directory and Finally Learn Other People’s Names

I brought this up in Ward Council on Sunday, and everyone was surprised at its existence and thrilled. Clearly, it needs to get wider circulation. It seems like the Church was slow to get on the internet bandwagon, but is now cranking full steam. Here are instructions how to upload your own pictures into the ward directory (and see the whole ward mapped!), instead of waiting for the ward clerk to herd everyone into the hall for pictures, IF your ward even decides to do that.

First, you need to have an account at lds.org . If you don’t have one, you need your membership record number to create one. Talk to one of the ward clerks to get your membership number. These instructions assume you have an account. This will allow you to change your address, phone number, email addresses, and upload your own pictures.

  1. go to beta.lds.org
  2. Click on sign-in and log in.
  3. Click on tools in the upper right corner, and select “directory.”
  4. Find your name in the directory and click on it.
    1. Note that you can enter separate email addresses and phone numbers for both husband and wife.
  5. Click on “Edit profile”
    1. This will bring up a second window. Note that you can upload a family picture as well as pictures of individual members.
  6. Click on “choose file” on the person whose picture you wish to upload.
    1. Read the guidelines provided by the Church that pop up, and click continue.
    2. At this point, find your photo on the computer and upload.
    3. It will take some futzing to get your picture the right size and squared correctly.
  7. Et voilà.  Now people will finally start greeting you with something other than “hey you!”

Also check out the swanky mapping features of the new beta, calendar and other features.

I believe I learned about these some months ago from http://tech.lds.org/ which is an official blog by some of the technological folks employed by the Church.


Enjoy :)

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  • http://www.faithpromotingrumor.com Chris H.

    We lived briefly in a ward here (Casper, WY) that took everyones picture when they moved in so they could be put on the site. We are now in a new ward. We are feeling lost and this would really help if used more.

    Thanks, Ben.

  • CS Eric

    This must only work for the beta lds.org site. For the “normal” site, you need administrative rights to load anyone’s pictures, let alone your own. I know this because my wife was recently called as the ward photographer mostly to add pictures to the ward roster, and the only way she could upload any pictures was for her to be given admin rights.

  • Ben Spackman

    This is indeed only for the beta. That’s why it needs instructions :)

    But since *everyone* can access the beta, and the switch on it is to be thrown sometime relatively soon, I thought it worth mentioning.

  • michelle

    SO glad to know about this! I have been the ward web person for a long time and didn’t know this was going to be part of the new lds.org. Very cool, and very smart.

    (But too late for us — we almost have all our photos up, thankyouverymuch). Still, there is always turnover and this is a great way to get people some hands-on exposure and experience with the ward website.

    I am regularly discouraged by how much people don’t use this resource, so I hope this makes a difference.

  • http://mormonsoprano.com Mormon Soprano

    Futzing?! :D
    OK! Thanks for the great tips.

  • https://secure.lds.org/units/stake/1,9780,606-1-5-504866,00.html Sharon

    I’m the Stake and Ward Website admin
    What will be my roll in the new website
    and Stake website?

    I don’t see an administrative option site
    Nor can I add photos, lessons, links

    How about the Stake/Ward Calendar?
    Is this managed by the Admins still ?

    Will the Calendar events be moved or
    able to transfer Sept thru Dec 2010
    to the new Calendar?

    Thanks Sharon L

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  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    Do you know if a website administrator can upload photos on the beta website?

  • http://patheos.com Ben S

    I haven’t seen any information about how the new site will work with administrator privileges. I can’t imagine that it would be user-only with admins moved to non-existent status.

  • Michael

    I have tried for days to update email addresses, pictures and phone numbers but the new web site will not save the edits.

    I get a message that says wait up to two hours but that makes not difference, I check back even a day later and none of the edits will save.

    I think the site still needs a lot of work.

  • http://www.ldsfamily.net Clint

    I uploaded our family pictures and it worked just fine. It looks great. A picture of our entire family and then an individual picture for each of us.

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