Upload Your Own Darn Pictures to the Ward Directory and Finally Learn Other People’s Names

I brought this up in Ward Council on Sunday, and everyone was surprised at its existence and thrilled. Clearly, it needs to get wider circulation. It seems like the Church was slow to get on the internet bandwagon, but is now cranking full steam. Here are instructions how to upload your own pictures into the ward directory (and see the whole ward mapped!), instead of waiting for the ward clerk to herd everyone into the hall for pictures, IF your ward even decides to do that.

First, you need to have an account at lds.org . If you don’t have one, you need your membership record number to create one. Talk to one of the ward clerks to get your membership number. These instructions assume you have an account. This will allow you to change your address, phone number, email addresses, and upload your own pictures.

  1. go to beta.lds.org
  2. Click on sign-in and log in.
  3. Click on tools in the upper right corner, and select “directory.”
  4. Find your name in the directory and click on it.
    1. Note that you can enter separate email addresses and phone numbers for both husband and wife.
  5. Click on “Edit profile”
    1. This will bring up a second window. Note that you can upload a family picture as well as pictures of individual members.
  6. Click on “choose file” on the person whose picture you wish to upload.
    1. Read the guidelines provided by the Church that pop up, and click continue.
    2. At this point, find your photo on the computer and upload.
    3. It will take some futzing to get your picture the right size and squared correctly.
  7. Et voilà.  Now people will finally start greeting you with something other than “hey you!”

Also check out the swanky mapping features of the new beta, calendar and other features.

I believe I learned about these some months ago from http://tech.lds.org/ which is an official blog by some of the technological folks employed by the Church.


Enjoy 🙂

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