“When the Bishop called and asked me to upload my talk last week…”

The Church is moving pretty quickly on new tech. New LDS.org with snazzy maps and picture uploading. New LEED-certified meetinghouses. But I want an “iPulpit” :) This is a real product from Little Mountain Productions, and they call it the iPodium. I don’t care so much what it’s called. iWantOne (but don’t even own an iPad and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.) I could give my talk AND control some nice overheads onto the screen behind me at Church. Seriously, if we can have visuals in General Conference, why not Sacrament Meeting? (HT to Andrew on the Logos forums.)

What kind of technology would you like to see embraced by the Church? What do you think might actually happen 5-10 years down the road?

  • http://www.lehislibrary.wordpress.com James

    Just today I was scheming about how I could make and bring a poster sized Old Testament timeline into my Sunday School class. It isn’t technology, but it is unorthodox.

    I like the iPodium idea.

  • http://www.mormoninquiry.com Dave

    Yeah, having a large flat screen up front rather than a chalkboard would allow a Sunday School teacher to bring up scriptures, maps, PowerPoint slides, excerpts from the manual, DVDs, blog discussions, and so forth — it would really give a teacher who knew how to use the technology some new options. But I don’t expect a Jumbotron in Sacrament Meeting for a long time.

  • michelle

    I dunno. Can’t articulate why, but overheads in sacrament meeting doesn’t gel with me.

    And if you have a talk you want to upload, you can do it here. ;) Simple way to share your testimony and thoughts online.

  • Emily U

    I have to agree with Dave and Michelle. I’m all for using media in classes, but in Sacrament Meeting I just want talks and acoustic music (Well, live at least. I accept the fact that the organ is going to be electronic). Church should be about worship, not entertainment. Big screens and rock bands are very off-putting to me. Not that your iPodium would suggest that they be there. It sounds innocuous. And people would have to submit their talks ahead of time – no more writing your talk the night before. That would be a very good thing!

  • http://alatterdayvoice.blogspot.com Paul

    The iPodium would be an improvement over a stake president I saw and heard at a regional meeting who used his laptop instead of printed notes for his talk, so he had that blasted laptop sitting on top of the podium and bumping into the microphone. I don’t know what I really want, but I know I don’t want to have to see that again…

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