Clayton Christensen on the Well-Lived Life

Well-known Mormon author and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen was quoted at length in David Brooks's New York Times column, called "The Summoned Self."Brooks contrasts two ways of thinking about one's life: the "Well-Planned Life" and the "Summoned Life." Brooks suggests that Christensen typifies the former, based on Christensen's recent Commencement Address. Brooks writes: Christensen is a serious Christian. At university, he was the starting center on his basketball … [Read more...]

Coming Soon…exclusively at Patheos… A “Future of Mormonism” Extravaganza

Thanks to Jana Riess for posting an interview at her "Flunking Sainthood" blog about our Gospel Doctrine Podcast!Remember to tune in next week for our Future of Mormonism series... an exclusive series of essays from many of the leading voices on Mormonism -- part of our summer series on the Future of Religion.Contributors next week include:Kristine Haglund, Brian Hales, Neylan McBaine, Grant Hardy, Richard Livingston, Reese Dixon, Blake Ostler, Boyd Peterson, Aaron Reeves, Armand Mauss, … [Read more...]

Door to Door Atheist Visits Utah

What if atheists come knocking?  A classic video.[Mild language warning] … [Read more...]

Nauvoo at Dusk

An eight-year-old waits for the pageant to start.What about you?Visiting any of the church's pageants this summer? … [Read more...]