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Why Pagan Families Want Temples
About Sarah Whedon

Sarah Whedon is founding editor of Pagan Families, the author of Birth on the Labyrinth Path: Sacred Embodiment in the Childbearing Year, and former Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious History at Cherry Hill Seminary. Sarah’s teaching, research, and advocacy work center around topics of spirituality, feminism, and reproduction. She makes her home in the Boston area with her partner and their children.

  • Morgan

    I’m a birth junkie, and I’ve also worked with a lot of different kinds of families.

    I’m struck by a very big, and disappointing, disconnect here.

    Your blog title is “Pagan Families.”

    But your subtitle is “Resources for Pagan Pregnancy and Birth,” and that’s reinforced by the photos at the head and by the very first post (“Pagan Families seeks carefully written contributions on all aspects of Pagan pregnancy and childbirth”), not just by the posts so far.

    If you’re focusing exclusively, or even primarily, on pregnancy and childbirth, you’re not a resource for Pagan families in general — you’re a resource for Pagan pregnancy and childbirth. Those are two different things.

    Pagan families don’t grow only through birth. A lot of them grow through adoption, through raising the children of other family members (nieces and nephews, grandchildren, etc.), and more.

    What a disappointment for Pagans who come to this site looking for information for Pagan families, only to find find information exclusively for Pagan families who are growing and building families through pregnancy and childbirth!

    Please be more clear and upfront in how you advertise what this site/blog is. Thanks.

    • SarahWhedon

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Morgan. The site is definitely in its infancy and has room to refine how its set up.

      I actually wrestled with the title and the subtitle. I originally had much narrower ideas for the title and was convinced to go with Pagan Families because it leaves us a lot of room for growth. If this site really takes off we can expand to cover other areas of family life, like Pagan parenting and partnering.

      I actually dislike the notion that adding a child is what makes a family. For some people a family is made when you say your handfasting vows, or when you realize the people you met in college will always be the ones who have your back, or …

      I do want this site to have room now for those topics you mention. The truth is they’re a weak spot for me. You can see I got called out on that here too. I know a lot more about pregnancy and birth than I do about adoption, fostering, etc. That’s one reason I hope many writers will contribute. Perhaps you?

      Anyway, I settled on “pregnancy and birth” as imperfect but usable language after rejecting a bunch of other possibilities, like “reproduction” (too clinical) and “welcoming a child” (leaves a lot out, such as pregnancy loss). I’m open to suggestions of more fitting language.

  • Jan Pace

    Merry Meet Sarah,

    I too would have to agree with Morgan. You see, not only am I celebrating my Croning, but we recently adopted my great-grandaughter (yesssss, I did say GREAT grandaughter). She is a delightful 3yr old that happens to be Autistic. Before we became adoptive parents, we were/are Foster Parents.

    I would like to see more on Fostering ( a plethora challenges here if your home is Pagan/Wiccan and you are fostering) and Adoption. Especially if you are dealing with Multi-Faith. My partner is a former Benedictine Cloistered Nun. And me? Well it is probably safe to say that I am about out as out can get and can remember the days when if you were stopped by the police you had BETTER have on at least 3 articles of female clothing.

    What does the above have to do with Pagan Parenting? Plenty!!!! I assure you!!!! Why, just in the adoption process alone we faced challenges in that our Little Love would have two mommies, but then when you added the words Pagan and Former Nun….. well geeeesh you get the picture right? But I digress…..

    I would offer to write, but even tho I am a moderator/administrator on Circle Of Moms Pagan/Wiccan Moms, I don’t know how to write articles per se’. But I am willing to be of service in what ever manner I am qualified for. You see, there is far too little out there for our young families, and atypical families and…… well even childless families….
    Blessed Be and I eagerly await the growth of this site!
    Jan Pace

    • SarahWhedon

      Thanks so much for your comments Jan. That adoption process really does sound like a challenge!

      I wonder whether in your capacity as moderator/administrator on Circle of Moms you would have the resources to tap one or more writers who could contribute pieces about adoption and/or fostering? Another idea is that maybe I or another writer you know and trust could interview you about your family’s experience. Let me know what you think.