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Did you know the Pagan Families page on FaceBook has well over 900 followers?  I often post links and short quotes there.  Here’s a round-up of some of the best from the last few months:

* Doulas draw from Jewish tradition as birth helpers. “Doulas support women informationally, physically and emotionally — we can also add ‘spiritually’ to that list.”

* An Intimate Pagan Mother Blessing. “At 36 weeks pregnant with my husband and my first baby I really wanted to connect with our future son in a way that was both meaningful, personal, and spiritual.”

* Why it’s time for us to reclaim “values”. “I know that many of you who identify as radical doulas bring a sense of spirituality to your work, and I want us to claim that.”

* Ask Me Anything: Pagan “Baptism”. “After all, what is baptism (looking at it through pagan eyes) if not a blessing by water?”

We come to realize that spirituality, politics, and women’s status are all intimately connected to the environment we create for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and that, in reclaiming our strength and wisdom, we can make this world a healthier place in which to live, birth, and raise children.

— Aviva Jill Romm in The Natural Pregnancy Book (152)

Have you read anything recently that relates to Paganism and the childbearing year?  Please share your own links and quotes in the comments.

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