Wednesday Wisdom: Faith

Einzelne Kerze

“We’re people who have enough faith in the future and enough stability in the present to bring children into the spiral of life or nurture children who are not born to us.”

– Starhawk, Diane Baker, & Anne Hill, Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

“Part of what gives me continued faith in a body I doubted for so long is the milk that comes whenever it is needed.”

– Francesca Lia Block, Guarding The Moon: A Mother’s First Year


(I’m trying something new here: a weekly Wednesday Wisdom post with two or three profound or beautiful thoughts on a theme related  to Paganism and childbearing. An invitation to meditate or just to pause a moment and consider.  What do you think?)

About Sarah Whedon

Sarah Whedon is founding editor of Pagan Families, the author of Birth on the Labyrinth Path: Sacred Embodiment in the Childbearing Year, and former Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious History at Cherry Hill Seminary. Sarah’s teaching, research, and advocacy work center around topics of spirituality, feminism, and reproduction. She makes her home in the Boston area with her partner and their children.

  • Molly

    Love the second one especially! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this too, since I am such a quoteaholic. I have a tendency to group them all together in periodic, gigantic posts that no one really has time to read/digest.

  • Sarah Whedon

    Molly, thanks for the feedback! I generally prefer to contextualize quotes and unpack their meaning, but I think there’s something helpful about the space to just sit with one or two.