Wednesday Wisdom: Blood

A weekly Wednesday Wisdom post with two or three profound or beautiful thoughts on a theme related to Paganism and childbearing. An invitation to meditate or just to pause a moment and consider.

Blood, menstruation, sacred cycles, power…

“Honouring our menstrual cycle reminds us how sacred we are.” -Jane Hardwicke Collings in Becoming A Woman

“Childbearing is a form of power, one of the greatest powers in the world, and menstruation is a sign of that power.” -Valerie Tarico

“We are born into blood and with blood.” -Chandra Alexandre, at The Conference on Earth-Based Spiritualities & Gender

How does blood connect with birthing? How do you honor your bleeding?

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  • L

    I honor my menstrual cycle by not having one. I am not a woman, and therefore it’s not part of my path to make it sacred. I’m learning that it is sacred for some people, and that it’s important to let them take up that responsibility and realize that it’s an honorable thing to do.

    My path has other ideas about the importance of blood, however, and I do perform autosacrifice regularly.

  • Molly

    I love all of these! I’m only recently making the connection between birthing body wisdom and menstrual cycle wisdom. I’ve got a whole lots of thoughts saved up to blog about—how to we honor this naturally “shamanic” time and inward connection in the midst of the swirl of daily life. What I’m finally figuring out is that there is a cycle of energy that goes with our moontime cycles and that life “flows” much more easily when I plan around those natural cycles of energy. For example, during ovulation I feel energetic, outward directed, focused, and creative. During this time, I compose new blog posts, work on articles, and do, do, do–and, finally, I’m realizing that I can do stuff during this time in advance preparation of the reduced energy and inward focus I feel during bleeding. I can take care of my future self, by focusing energy in powerful ways when I have it and then gathering in and being still when THAT is what I need instead. This is a new understanding for me, one that is still developing.