Wednesday Wisdom: Motherhood

A weekly Wednesday Wisdom post with two or three profound or beautiful thoughts on a theme related to Paganism and childbearing. An invitation to meditate or just to pause a moment and consider. Motherhood…

a black bear and mother By beingmyself

Motherhood is the state a woman achieves once her baby has been born, or when she has young for whom to care.  It also refers to a group of mothers, the mystical sisterhood of those women who have given birth and/or perform mothering duties.” – Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Pagan Pregnancy 

“The weather of motherhood can seemingly alter from moment to moment, day to day, a rollercoaster of emotions stronger than one has ever experienced before. The stakes, after all, are far higher than anything we have ever played before: the very life, health and happiness of a creature that is our own flesh and blood.” -Lucy H. Pearce, Moods of Motherhood

“I’m winging it every day, praying, surrendering, steeping myself in grace by any means necessary. I grapple with finding my own integrity, to trust the path that I have chosen, to believe that I am mothering well, that I can claim for myself a belief in my own goodness.”  – Elizabeth at Mothering with Soul

When did you know yourself as a mother? What’s your motherhood weather? How do you find grace in motherhood?

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