The tale of the dog who fell in love with the cat

People write me all the time asking me to share their web page or promote their project. I ignore most of the emails because they’re either laughably off our topic, shabbily done, or unpleasantly slick and salesy.

But I slowed down and re-read Nancy Furtado’s email asking to help with her Kickstarter for Slumber Stories, a homemade story dice game. Storytelling has been a popular theme around here and I like to support small businesses and stay-at-home parent projects, but I wondered why Nancy had pitched her Kickstarter particularly at Pagan Families readers. She agreed to do an interview and explain, and here it is:

1. You wrote to me at Pagan Families to tell me about your Kickstarter for Slumber Stories. What made you think Pagan Families readers would be interested?

I came across Pagan Families about a year ago when my friend was pregnant and researching for a midwife and some natural birthing books online. I have recommended Pagan Families to people I know since then because I liked the alternative birthing methods discussed. When I came up with the idea for Slumber Stories I thought of Pagan Families right away because it is a fun game that encourages families to spend time and have fun together. What parent doesn’t want to have fun and laugh with their children?

2. How did you decide to take this from a family project to a business?

When I created the set for my children a few years ago I didn’t really think of making a business out of it, it was really just an idea to use with my family. Since then friends and family members have asked for sets and suggested that others may want to buy as well. The only issue is that financially I am unable to buy all of the supplies needed to start this business. That’s why I set up a kickstarter project, hopefully I will be able to receive enough funding to get this business started. If I am able to surpass my goal then the extra funds will go towards creating new themed sets.

3. Slumber Stories is a storytelling game. Would you tell us about a particularly memorable story your family told?

I am so glad you asked that question. My favorite story is one we all created together. My youngest son rolled the dice and we each took a turn creating a part of the story from the pictures rolled. He rolled a dog, apple, umbrella, cat, flower and tree. It started out with a lonely dog that was lost and couldn’t find his way home, it then started to rain so he took shelter under a tree. While sitting under the tree an apple fell from the tree and hit him on the head. He looked up and saw a cat sitting in the tree. The cat climbed down the tree to see if the dog was hurt. The rain then stopped and the dog was so grateful that the cat came to check on him that he picked a nearby flower and gave it to her. They fell in love and lived happily ever after, LOL!!! It makes me smile every time I think of that story.

4. How could Slumber Stories be used to teach kids about myths or fairy tales?

The great thing about Slumber Stories is that it sparks interest for children. If we begin a story and I mention a character they don’t know they ask who it is. Then I am able to tell them that story as well and they learn something new. Slumber Stories are not only great for children but also for those that enjoy writing children’s books. You will never have writers block with Slumber Stories around.

5. Why should Pagan Families readers consider backing your project?

I would like to think Pagan Families readers would love to back Slumber Stories. It has so many wonderful uses! Sparks creativity, encourages family time, teaches children about new things, the list really goes on and on. The dice are made of scrap wood that would otherwise be thrown away and wasted and the jars we use are made from recycled glass. The dice are also hand made by a group of stay at home moms which provides work to mothers with young children. We really do appreciate any and all support we receive and believe Pagan Families readers would enjoy Slumber Stories as much as we do 🙂

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