Pagan Families Tea Time

Who wants to have tea and chat?

Christine Kraemer, the managing editor here at Patheos Pagan has put out an invitation for Pagan bloggers and blog commenters to find a way to communicate face-to-face:

“During the month of February, if you write online, make a date to have a cup of tea (or food or drink of your choice) with another writer or commenter. Even better, be daring, and make it someone you’ve argued with… I invite you to take a risk: e-mail someone (or more than one!) whose voice you’ve never heard before and ask them for an hour of their time via video chat (or failing that, phone). Get a glimpse of their pets or babies or partners. Show off your altar or your book collection or the way the sunlight slants into your kitchen. Put away your debates for a while and take the time to talk. Debates can come later.”

This is an especially important invitation in an internet culture where it’s so easy for disagreements to blow up into major fights. I think at Pagan Families we actually do a really good job of respectful dialogue, but we’d do even better if we had a chance to see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices. That’s actually precisely the reason why last week I finally scheduled a time (one which even happens to be in February) for the regular contributors to Pagan Families to have our first ever video chat meeting.

I’d love to have tea with you, even if our tea cups are thousands of miles away from each other. Make mine a hot chai with plenty of spice and plenty of milk. And I would definitely love for you to show off your baby to me!  Molly, who’s been a regular contributor here for a full year, is also making herself available for Pagan Tea Time.  Leave a comment here or send us an email to and let’s have tea.




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