Farewell to Pagan Families

Pagan Families began in 2011 as an independent website for sharing Pagan wisdom for the childbearing year. Over the years it grew, it moved here to Patheos, it gained and lost and gained new and wonderful writers, it stretched to cover other aspects of Pagan parenting and family life, and as these things do when they’ve run their course, the writers have mostly moved onto other things and the blog’s gone very quiet.

It’s past due for me to say thank you to everyone who’s contributed to and supported this blog and to officially close up shop. I’m grateful that Patheos Pagan is keeping the archive around to serve as a resource. I hope that Pagans who are contemplating pregnancy or parenting will still find the information, ideas, and inspiration here to be useful. And of course my Patheos Press book Birth On the Labyrinth Path remains available.

With gratitude I say farewell and blessed be.

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About Sarah Whedon

Sarah Whedon is founding editor of Pagan Families, the author of Birth on the Labyrinth Path: Sacred Embodiment in the Childbearing Year, and former Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious History at Cherry Hill Seminary. Sarah’s teaching, research, and advocacy work center around topics of spirituality, feminism, and reproduction. She makes her home in the Boston area with her partner and their children.