A quick check-in

Hello wonderful Pagan Families readers!  It's been a while since we've posted anything new here, but we haven't forgotten you.  The editorial team has just been preoccupied with things like a vacation, a cross-country move, and new writing projects.We do have a couple of great posts in the queue, nearly ready to post, but waiting for some final input from various people.  If you make a submission, don't be surprised if we ask you for a little revision.  We're not trying to be mean -- we're try … [Read more...]

Review: Bless This Child

"Here, under my heart you'll keep till it's time for us to meet..." --Erica Mann Jong (33)Edward Searl is a Unitarian minister and the editor of Bless This Child: A Treasury of Poems, Quotations and Readings to Celebrate Birth.  He writes that the collection, "gives voice to the many hopes and wishes that accompany the arrival of a new child." (vii)These prayers, poems, and meditations are "culled from antiquity and from our contemporary world, written and spoken by parents, priests, … [Read more...]

Review: Circle Round


The day before Samhain, Diane Baker stood in her kitchen thinking about needing to plan a celebration for her family and wondered, "Why isn't there just a book I could open?"  So she collaborated with Anne Hill and Starhawk to write the book she wanted to read, Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions.Circle Round offers resources divided into four sections:*Part One: Welcome to the Circle introduces the book and the practice of Goddess traditions with children. *Part … [Read more...]

Birth mandalas


  Pagan Families reader Sarah wrote to recommend Amy Swagman's Birth Art Mandalas.  I was stunned by them and immediately wrote Amy to ask if I could share them here.  She said yes! Making birth art can be a beautiful spiritual practice.  My partner and I made birth art when we took a Birthing From Within class to prepare for our daughter's birth and my God children got to paint all over my big round belly at our Blessing Way, but Amy takes birth art to a whole other level.Amy is a mo … [Read more...]

Frequently asked question: Why is it called Pagan Families?

As this site launches, it's been really gratifying to get lots of positive feedback.  One reader commented on FaceBook:What a great page! I wish I had found found a page like this whilst I was pregnant! Pretty hard to find pages like this Blessings ♥That is exactly why Pagan Families was born!We've also been getting a lot of questions about the name and scope of the site.  Why is it called Pagan Families if it's only about pregnancy and birth?First of all, I reject the idea that a baby is … [Read more...]

Staying connected with Pagan Families

Welcome Wild Hunt readers!There are currently five ways to stay connected with Pagan Families as it grows:Bookmark Pagan Families. Grab the RSS feed from the lower right column of the site. Like us on FaceBook. Leave a comment here or on FaceBook to let us know that you're reading and what you think. If you're a writer, consider contributing to the blog.Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you'll stick around! … [Read more...]

Pagan pregnancy on the web

Pagan Families was created to fill a gap in resources on Pagan pregnancy and birth.  Google something like "Pagan pregnancy" and you'll come up with a lot of queries on message boards complaining about the dearth of information.But it's certainly not the case that there aren't any existing resources.  The problem is that they tend to be scattered and often brief.  You can easily find lots of one-time blog posts and webpages about a single aspect of Pagan pregnancy or birth, such as baby we … [Read more...]

Conribute to Pagan Families

The success of Pagan Families will depend on readers such as yourself making contributions. Here are some ideas of genres and topics that we'd like to publish:Genres: Ritual scripts Personal essays Theological essays Media reviews Prayers Chants Visual art Birth stories Meditations Childbirth preparation exercises Sensitivity guides for birth professionalsTopics: Conception Pregnancy Birth Motherhood Fatherhood Pregnancy loss Abortion PostpartumThere's so much … [Read more...]