Beyond Earth Hour

“Around the world, Earth Hour was embraced by the global community, transcending race, culture, age and economics as individuals took leadership in their communities in the pursuit of a cleaner and safer planet. In 2011, Earth Hour asked the hundreds of millions of people taking part in the one hour switch-off to take the next step and go beyond the hour, using Earth Hour to commit to ongoing action for the planet.

“The Beyond the Hour call to action has been unanimously answered by people worldwide,” said Andy Ridley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour. “From school children in Singapore, to Heads of State from the UK, to Australia, Pakistan and Colombia, people have shown that Earth Hour has evolved beyond lights-out.
“This year’s event has illustrated without question what can be achieved when people unite with a common purpose and rally to action.”

Hundreds of millions in thousands of cities, towns and communities in a record 134 countries were expected to have participated by the time the lights out and pledge action beyond the hour completes its passage from New Zealand on one side of the International Date Line to former New Zealand dependency the Cook Islands on the other.” Earth Hour press

Living a sustainable lifestyle not only preserves our planet it can save you money. If you are on Facebook, please join the Ecco Wifey group. “Why Ecco? Because we’re learning how to make ECological decisions COoperatively.” A place to get tips on being thrifty and making choices that benefit you and the environment. Click here to visit the Ecco Wifey page.

Here are some ideas from the group:

Instead of buying many different pots and pans, invest in a wok. You can do everything from popcorn to pasta salad. It isn’t just for stirfry!

The in the bath and beauty industry, the words organic and natural aren’t regulated. Read the label before paying almost 65% more for a “natural” product.

Watch videos from on how to recycle such odd things as wine corks.

Tame clutter and entertain your kids by making a home for their stuffed animals out of a cardboard box.

What will you do to go beyond earth hour?

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