Equinox Wake-Up Call

Equinox Wake-Up Call March 21, 2015

10855095_10153102335048232_1448419253007832235_oThis is the second part on the Spring Equinox by Staff of Asclepius writers, you can read part one here and part three at this link.

The earth is wakening. Persephone, Brigid, and other goddesses of Spring and new life are doing their magic.
What I think of right now is the death that offers itself to life. Old leaves decay and enrich soil where new plants blossom. And to me this is good dark, the sleep that contributes to the wakening.

Darkness, as many see it, does not have to be a bad thing. We need to fully experience the negative in order to live through it, learn from it, and transmute it into the positive. It cannot be buried, for hidden negativity only breeds worse things.
So we need to understand every facet of ourselves, each containing its own positive and negative aspects. Only when these are fully embraced can we truly act on our knowledge, and what we know to be fundamentally right: respect for each other, the Earth, the environment. A pseudo-peace can be reached by only viewing the positive, but it does not care for what is festering underneath.

We received a wake-up call yesterday, at least in the Northern hemisphere where I am located. There was a super moon on a black moon; there was a solar eclipse during an x4-rated solar storm, the biggest flare there can be. There was also the Vernal equinox, Ostara. In three ways, the universe showed itself on the knife-edge, perfectly balanced between light and dark, or wrong and right.

I am not talking about good and evil, which is subjective depending on the morality of the religious figure expounding on the issue at any given time. I am talking about places where LGBT rights are non-existent, balanced against places love is love, no matter which gender, or lack there of, the consenting adults involved may profess. I’m talking about countries where women still feel that husbands abusing their wives is justifiable, and female infanticide runs rampant, set against places where extremely underweight models are banned, women are equal, and baby girls have a chance at happiness.

I’m talking about places where species of plants and animals are vanishing, set against nature preserves, rescue shelters, and animal sanctuaries. I’m talking about how everything in the universe has a spirit, and that each spirit should have the right to be governed by the balancing laws of nature, not the harmful views of the self-important.

So what is this wake-up call for? The light is growing. Our day has begun, and it is time for us to begin to speak up, to play to our strengths. If you have the skills to heal with herb and stone, learn how to do these things well, and benefit those around you. If your skill is making green things grow, plant some trees and flowers. If your skill is persuading with words, use that to guide people toward understanding the negative, then making a personal choice about how to transmute it into positive. Let the decaying status quo fertilize change for the better.

Those of us harmed by the darkness rising have this chance to make a change, but fear and apathy are in the way. If we don’t let ourselves grow, change, embrace all parts of life and rise above both light and dark, we may find ourselves tumbling off that knife edge into the true darkness. This is not the darkness of decay and rebirth, but the darkness of pain and the lies that make up false light. We need to stand together to rise above this deepening ocean of anger that 7 billion people are currently drowning in, or we’ll sink as well.

Blessed Be.

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